Ideas About Masquerade Weddings
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Ideas About Masquerade Weddings

Masquerades are full of color, extravagance and opulence. You can even call it flamboyant if you wish. So if you’re a huge fan of anything ostentatious and grandiose, a masquerade themed wedding is definitely up your alley.

Ideas About Masquerade Wedding Invitation
Find a place that best calls to mind the glam vibe that a masquerade wedding is trying to express. Pick out a venue that evokes a Venetian or Renaissance-like ambience – with posh chandeliers, huge columns, floor-to-ceiling-mirrors and of course, a grand ballroom. An indoor canal with a gondola ride sounds like a very splendid idea as well. Decorate the place with ridiculous lavishness. Don’t miss out the ceiling draping, candelabra centerpieces oozing with big colorful flowers or feathers or sequined candles and masks. Make sure there are lots of candles. Remember, ‘superfluous’ is the name of the game.

Ideas About Masquerade Wedding Venues
Then think about your wedding dress – needless to say, go for frills and layers and fine fabric. Go for theatrical and glittering jewelry. Of course, don’t forget the mask – why not get two masks for extra flair? Dress up your wedding entourage with exquisite extravagance – huge ball gowns reaching down to the floor. Match the color of their bouquets with their masks – gold, plum, metallic – anything bright and bold. Dress the female waiters in ballerina outfits or painted bodies in metallic gold, bronze, or silver.
Go for a wedding invitation with an antique feel – make sure it matches your color motif. Guests should know that you are requiring them to wear a costume and a mask. After all, it’s a masquerade wedding.

Ideas About Masquerade Wedding Intro Photo
For wedding giveaways, give the guests cute little trinkets – small keychain masks or small chocolate masks in fancy boxes. Put up a lavish chocolate fountain in your dessert table. Pick out Venetian themed wedding cake. Of course, in a masquerade event, big bright and opulent should best describe your masquerade wedding cake.Serve really good food with lots of fancy hors d’oeuvres and amuse bouches. Of course, serve champagne.

ideas about masquerade wedding centerpiece
Put out an extravagant show for your party guests – hire fire-eating jesters, send in the jugglers, or hire men walking on stilts. If you can hire the trapeze artists, go ahead and put on a big show. Bring in the Mardi Gras festival to your wedding. Make sure everyone dances the night away with lively festive music. Mix it up a bit with a classic ballroom vibe coupled with modern music.

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