Ideas about Liquor Etiquette at Weddings
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Ideas about Liquor Etiquette at Weddings

So the day that you are looking forward to most of your life has already arrived. The preparation for the ceremony is complete, and you’re looking forward to walking on the aisle to exchange vows with the love of your life. This may be one of the happiest days of your life. But how are you going to handle a guest that has become loud and aggressive after drinking excessively?

Ideas About Liquor Etiquette at Weddings Drinking for the New Couple
Prior to the event the guests should be reminded of keeping control of their alcohol intake. You cannot just say, “Drink all you want! This is you day!” This is actually YOUR day and spilled liquors by drunken guests are definitely a no-no. Being in control, you may opt to serve some food first and then distribute a glass of wine to match. Later, they might be full enough to even think of consuming more shots of liquors.

Ideas About Liquor Etiquette at Weddings Food Appreciation
Still, you have to manage how much liquors your guests consume. As a lot of couples think that an open bar is essential for the guests to enjoy, taking control of the amount of alcohol the guests consume at the weddings can be done by allowing them a few shots instead. Hard rinks should be limited to 2 or 3 shots only. Ladies should be taking lesser amount too.

Ideas About Liquor Etiquette at Weddings No Spilled Liquors
Unluckily, regardless of your hard work of planning, you can never guess how much liquor the guests will have throughout the event. You also have to be prepared as kids may be present in the event unless you are implying a “no kids” reception.

Ideas About Liquor Etiquette at Weddings Kids Presence
It is important to set a “watcher” during the occasion. This person will observe the guests that are drinking too much – alone or with their buddies. It is also the watcher’s responsibility to tell the guests that there are rides and places for them to stay when they need one.

Ideas About Liquor Etiquette at Weddings Controlled Drinks with the Guys
Last of all, it’s always important to have back up plans if you are planning to serve liquor to your guests. When you prepare equitable plans prepared to deal with these kinds of situations, then you will be more confident that your wedding celebration will be a blast.


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