Ideas About Jungle-Themed Weddings
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Ideas About Jungle-Themed Weddings

If done with artistic flair and thought, it’s fun to pull a classy chic jungle-themed wedding. You can get inspirations from animal prints and from safari ideas. Just make sure you set your jungle-themed wedding on a summer because jungle weddings are definitely hot.

Ideas About Jungle-Themed Wedding Elephant
You can maintain sophistication and class if you go easy on the animal prints and bold colors. Be careful not to carry the cheap, vulgar animal prints too far. Go for leafy green and other earth-tone colors as your color scheme. Or play around with different shades of green. It’s simply awesome.

Ideas About Jungle-Themed Wedding Ceremony
Think about the venue. It should definitely be somewhere away from the maddening crown and the bustling city. A place with a body of water and lots of big trees with vines is a perfect choice. If you can borrow an elephant, why not? Yes, seriously. Elephants are gentle and are known to symbolize wisdom, longevity, happiness and strong family ties. There are all components of a happy marriage. So why not bring in the whole package of a jungle-themed wedding by bringing along a wonderful elephant with big ears and big feet and yes, with a big heart?
For decor, make it as simple and as original as the jungle. Lots of trees and wood elements. You can go a dash of blue and maybe some orange. Play around with the flowers and the bride’s bouquet. Use nature and dry elements from nature and incorporate them in the hotel. You can opt to cover the reception tables with animal print tablecloths. Add some candles and palm leaves. With the right touch of elements of nature in your wedding, you will surely have the jungle-themed wedding of your dreams.

Ideas About Jungle-Themed Wedding Attire
The bride can wear as many as three wedding dresses for a jungle-themed wedding. Go for a simple dress but with an eye-catching detail. Like feathers and big flowers – all from nature. You can then change into another wedding dress. Go for soft tones and elegant pieces of jewelry and rustic and ethnic accents. Make sure you look beautiful in pictures. And who says you’re the only one who can play dress up. Your groom can too. And your wedding entourage as well.

Ideas About Jungle-Themed Wedding Cake
Jungle-themed wedding cakes are wonderful and easy to get by. Go for multi-tier wedding cakes. Alternate plate cakes with printed cakes. For wedding favors, you won’t go wrong with chocolates and keep them in a cute animal printed small boxes.


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