Ideas About Carnival Weddings
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Ideas About Carnival Weddings

Do you want a carnival-themed wedding or do you really want to get married in a carnival? The latter can be easy but expensive. Renting out a carnival for your wedding sounds whimsically fun but outrageously expensive. But don’t despair, if you’re a big fan of carnivals and you want it to represent your wedding, then read on.Think of carnival ideas like pinwheels, cotton candies, hotdog stands, big stuffed toys, carousels and oodles of fun.

Ideas About Carnival Wedding Intro Photo
For your decorations, think about brightness and exciting colors. A carnival is full of lights – so don’t skimp on the lights. Hang colorful pendant lights from the ceiling in varying lengths. You can put small colorful balloons together and make a balloon bouquet to perk up your reception tables or some corners in the venue. Choose for pastel cotton candy colors — pink should be the first color to come to mind, along with baby blue and mint green. You can play along those colors.

Ideas About Carnival Wedding Traditional Attire
For your wedding attire, you can go for the classic bride and groom look. Go classic since your venue is totally unique anyway. Or you can opt to take the quirky side when it comes to your wedding getup. Either way, make sure you did it with taste and style.

Ideas About Carnival Wedding Artistic Attire
Food is very important in carnival themed weddings. Carnival brings to mind food. Like cotton candy of course. But not just that, there are funnel cakes and popcorn and corn dogs and shaved ice with lemonade. You can choose to display these treats on a stand pretty much like the food stands you see in carnivals. And for your wedding cake, that should be easy… a perfectly cute wedding cake with a carousel as a topper. How’s that for a whimsical wedding? You can’t get enough of the carnival fever? Let your guests play with carnival games – shoot the loop or catch a duck.

Ideas About Carnival Wedding Table Toppers

Your party favors should be something that describes the fun-filled carnival. Why not small chocolates in fancy boxes sealed with clown stickers. Create a zany photo booth with big clown wigs and humongous shades and clown noses. Display photos for all the guests to see. Their photos can also double as a wedding favor.

Ideas About Carnival Wedding Invitation
Make your thank you card and invitation card look like a real canival ticket. Make it look like an authentic ticket. Or make thank you cards or invitations with a carnival themed on it – carousels and ferries wheels.


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