Hunger Games Inspired Wedding
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Hunger Games Inspired Wedding

Can’t get enough of Catching Fire? Well then, don’t wait for next year’s Mockingjay. Extend a show for your guests to see during your wedding. Make the wedding that didn’t happen in the fictional story. Move over, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, you and your groom will nail that fictional Hunger Games Story 2.5. Here are some ideas for your Hunger Games inspired wedding.

Hunger Games Bridal Dress
Stunning Bridal Dress
Being a die-hard Katniss fan, you really would want to mirror her character in one of her glorious moments. To do just that, why not have the transforming wedding dress created especially for you? Well, you need not a real life Cinna, you just need a cunning fashion designer to infuse that hint of flames and bird-like wedding gown beneath. You certainly could play with the colors.

Bride with flower girl
Braids for Everybody
Remember how President Snow’s little girl in the movie mentioned that everybody in her class wear braids because of Katniss? You are not an exception. Braid your hair and let it dangle on one side. If you have short hair, you could always look for braided hair extensions. Require your bridesmaids to do this too.
Mockingjay Art Deco
A great deal of symbolism can be found on the mockingjays in the movie. Thus, they should be present in your wedding too. You could use them as background details for your photo backdrop. You could even have custom-made pins to be the men’s boutonniere.

Hunger Games wedding paraphernalia
Cuffs and Feathers
A theme is always built up in the details. So, on your Hunger Games inspired wedding, you could translate your accessories into Hunger Games details. You can wear cuffs with an arrow-scribed design. You could also have feathers on your hair, or on the reception table or on the wedding invites.

Hunger Games reception setting
Arrows Everywhere
Another great detail that your wedding shouldn’t miss is the arrow. It is Katniss’ undying symbol of strength. Have arrows as designs on your cake toppers, wedding invites, pouches and even bouquets.

Hunger Games wedding food
District Food
Seal the Hunger Games deal with your wedding food. Serve old school pies, nuts, jams, breads and berries. Assure them the berries aren’t poisoned. Your cake would be the ultimate food topper. Have a rustic wedding cake with icing twigs and berries.


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