Hot Air Balloon Wedding Ideas
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Hot Air Balloon Wedding Ideas

Up in the clouds, particularly cloud 9 — that’s the best place to exchange I do’s . And that can be made possible if you go for a romantic and adventurous ride up on a hot air balloon on your wedding day. After all, isn’t it a fitting description of marriage? Don’t you agree?

Hot Air Balloon Wedding Invitation
Google hot air balloons that allow wedding ceremonies. Choose the area that you want to fly above as you share your wedding vows – do you want fly above spectacular views of rivers or forests or the mountains? Choose what time you want to fly up in the air and take the leap (figuratively speaking, of course!) Sunsets or sunrises are definitely the best time to share wedding vows. Not to mention, it’s the best time to take awesome photos as well.

Hot Air Balloon Paper Lantern Decoration
Check the weather forecast and find out if the weather permits. You don’t want gusts of winds and splashes of rain shower to ruin that perfectly intimate wedding up in the air. As you go up romantic heights, you will only have the wedding officiant, the pilot and your photographer to witness your vows.

Hot Air Balloon Wedding Centerpiece
Hot air balloon weddings are usually done during summer so it’s not as chilly up there as you probably thought. So go for a comfy but classy wedding gown. You may opt to dress up for the reception for a snazzier wedding dress if you wish.

Hot Air Balloon Wedding
Aside from great photos and over the top venue, you will surely have oodles of fun creating the reception venue. Prepare mini hot air balloons to deck out your dessert tables. Go for a wedding cake with a hot air balloon topper. Go for sweet pastel colors or bold romantic shades.  Either way, it’s sure to be a knock out. Make hot air balloon cookie pop for wedding favors.  Let your creativity ride high. Don’t forget the celebratory toast after the wonderful experience.

Hot Air Balloon Wedding Cake


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