Harry Potter Wedding Ideas
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Harry Potter Wedding Ideas

For couples who are avid fans of sorcery, the famous boy who lived, or even he who must not be named, why not go for a Harry Potter themed wedding? It will definitely be an elegant and enchanting day for everyone who will be celebrating with you.

Harry Potter Wedding Reception
Wouldn’t it be awesome to have your invitations delivered by actual owls? Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen in real life, so why not settle for a specially delivered mysterious handwritten invitation with a wax seal instead? You can embed the logo of Hogwarts or your initials on the seal. The seating arrangements can be placed in a table with a sorting hat in the middle—fun, right?

Harry Potter Wedding Invitations
The wedding can be done indoors with high ceilings or outdoors in the woods, depending on your preference. You can go all out on candles like the dining hall in Hogwarts, portrait paintings, and unusual flowers instead of the common ones like roses or orchids. Decorating the place should be easy once you find a suitable location for the theme—simply deck the whole area with vintage and classy furniture such as gold candelabras, shiny wooden chairs with velvet cushions, plush carpets, and the like.

Harry Potter Wedding Plates and Centerpieces
While walking down the aisle, wear a long black cloak over your wedding gown and have your bridesmaids remove it once you arrive at the altar. If the person officiating the wedding is up for it, you can ask him to dress up as Albus Dumbledore or Lord Voldemort—although that would be a little creepy. The groom can add a scarf on his coat or a vest or cloak—he can even wear a wizard’s robe if he’s up for it.

Harry Potter Wedding Attire
The wedding cake can be white with gold details. Same with the utensils, gold spoons and forks are preferable. The guests can dress as elegantly as they want, like they’re going to attend a ball instead of a wedding. For your party favors, you can give out wands carved with your names and the date of the wedding or maybe a snow globe with a tiny replica of the bride and the groom in a magical forest.

Harry Potter Wedding Cake


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