A Guide to a Circus Themed Wedding
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A Guide to a Circus Themed Wedding

For those couple who will have circus-themed wedding, the most fun part of the whole celebration will be the reception. In decorating the wedding venue, you can put the same decoration as the reception area. Circus-themed wedding is perfect to be held outdoor sunder a big tent or big top. A shed or big place with some rooms for the following suggestions can also be perfect if you are thoroughgoing with that circus theme. You can hang some colorful circus bunting flags, small blinking lights, balloons with different shapes and colors, and colored cloth in lined colors on ceiling and the walls, this will give a good circus feel.

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Rather than having a big traditional cake, you may want to consider a smaller two layers of cake decorated with amusing, circus colors and strips. You can also serve cupcakes with bright colored icing to the guests. Today candy bars are really popular in weddings as it gives the guests the chance to satisfy their sweet tooth. You can put the cupcake stand on the middle of the candy bar and can be walled by bagged cotton candy, candy apples, and/orjars with big twirled lollipops, lemon drops, and some other colorful sweets. As wedding favors, you can give your guest a popcorn and candies or chocolate bars.

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A bride who chooses to have a circus themed wedding could wear a simple white gown, but as opposed to a traditional gown she can choose a dress that is shorter to boast her heels in a bright color like red, turquoise, pink or yellow stiletto. Choosing a gown for a circus-themed wedding is not really difficult as there are a lot of wedding shops online that offer all the wedding gowns for different themes. Whether you choose to have a gown, a red gown, or another color dress, with a cage veil, tiny top hat, or sunhat rather than a traditional veil, there will be shops to provide you what you need. When the bride chooses to wear a white gown, the bridesmaids on the other hand can wear bright colored gowns but in different styles, or you can also consider pastel colors instead of bright ones, as this will give the same circus feel. When the bride chooses to wear bold colors, her bridesmaid could still wear a colorful gown, but make sure that it is not too knottily styled that will grab people’s attention from the bride, as she is supposed to be the most beautiful girl on that day.

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