Great Gatsby Wedding Inspirations
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Great Gatsby Wedding Inspirations

If you can’t get enough of Fitzgerald and his tales of the Eastern lifestyle, then host a 1920s wedding with a specific theme inspired by The Great Gatsby. Surely, you are like Daisy that day, a social butterfly with a voice that can allure everybody. So young, so beautiful. And your husband is Gatsby, a sucker for your attention. He will do everything just to impress and catch you. Live out that fantasy by having a Great Gatsby inspired wedding. Here are some of the things that you need to do in order to achieve that.

Great Gatsby wedding couple

The 1920s was a Golden Age, full of parties and glamorous people. Work on that main focus of your wedding story – the both of you. You need to have that exquisite, old-feel gown and go for French Nest veils adorned with feathers and studded ornaments. Or you could go for that boho-like wedding hair ties. Your groom should be looking crisp in his grey suite as well. Shoes should be squeaky clean.

Gatsby Girls

The women always rule the parties. They set the mood ever so often that they are the ultimate carrier of the party theme. So make sure that your bridesmaids are as glamorous as you too. Have them dressed flapper-style with silky sheaths and studded embellishments, feather accessories and luxurious shawls. Instruct the hair and makeup artist to have their coiffure styled similarly to achieve the royal crowd effect.

Golden Table

The Great Gatsby is a materialistic theme so make sure that your table setting says so. Incorporate the hues of gold, silver and ivory to accomplish this mission. Add fluffy feathers as centerpieces and go for heavily textured table covers. Don’t forget to accent some of the chairs.

Snacks for Wedding

If there is anything worth serving on your Great Gatsby inspired wedding then it would be ambrosia for your guests are the Golden Age gods and goddesses for that today. You can’t get the real ambrosia, but you can have your own version of classy desserts and cosmopolitans. Pay attention to the food and drink details. They shouldn’t be missed.

Na-ah, it’s not only the cuisine and beverage stations that need the detailing, everything else does. Even the art-deco table numbers can make a hefty difference. Start with your wedding invites all to the wedding flowers used to the wedding car. Even the reception program and the emcees’ accents and choice of words.

Experiment.Come on. Relive the 1920s and have the best time of your life.


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