The Graffiti Style Wedding
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The Graffiti Style Wedding

Graffiti are drawings or scribblings that are painted, sprayed or scratched on surfaces or walls in public spaces. Right now, vinyl wall adhesives are the hot items in the world of design. They add flair to your walls, your ceiling, your furniture or even your wedding.A graffiti inspired wedding will definitely keep everyone a-buzzing. Move over, shabby chic retro weddings. Yes, you can have a wonderfully chic graffiti inspired wedding theme.There’s a plethora of awesome graffiti designs to choose from. Choices range from the bold to whimsical to modern contemporary. Pick out your artistic self.

The Graffiti Style Wedding Wall Backdrop
If you pick out the graffiti artist style on a city art scene, then find a cool outdoor space for your wedding. Like a gravel parking lot, perhaps. Or an old building. A whole lot of creativity can help you pull off a beautiful fun and meaningful wedding. Express your creativity and allow those juices to flow for your big day. Use a colorful painted graffiti wall as your backdrop during the wedding ceremony. Use an American graffiti inspired wedding invitations – go bold or go for subtler hues. Sprinkle flowers in every corner of the wedding venue. Or shun the flowers altogether. Use artsy graffiti art in lieu of the floral designs.

The Graffiti Style Wedding Invitation
Bring in a live pop artist to draw your wedding portrait – ala graffiti style or hire a graffiti artist to capture the precious moments of your life with a paintbrush. The watercolors add a whimsical and personal touch. Allow the artist to paint pictures of your family and friends – let your guests keep their picture as a wedding favor. Have a funky nail art booth on the side.

The Graffiti Style Wedding Food Bar
Serve bite-sized sliders and soda in cute mini soda bottles topped with a fancy straw. Serve watercolor martinis and lemon drops and blue raspberry martinis too. Mini pizzas are perfect food to go with the soda along with creamed tomato with basil and tuna tataki in edible cones and watermelon feta cilantro salad with a drizzle of lemon. To get the party going, prepare a food bar of gourmet taco – with choices of beef, chicken, fish and oodles of cabbage and tomatoes.

The Graffiti Style Wedding Desserts
For dessert, serve cut-out letter shaped cookies with whimsically colored icing. For the wedding cake, choose those funky graffiti hand painted wedding cake – it’s orginal, it’s fun and it’s personal.

The Graffiti Style Wedding Cake Design
A graffiti inspired wedding is a true reflection of the artist inside you.


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