Get Married in a Cloud of Pink
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Get Married in a Cloud of Pink

Whether you’re still a rose, frills, hearts and flowers girl at heart, or if you simply associate the color pink with everlasting love there’s no denying the fact that a pink-themed wedding can be ultra-glamorous and deeply romantic. Extremely popular in California, pink themes are very easy to adopt, especially since this color goes well with a variety of other hues.

pink wedding gown

Indeed, whether you want to take a leaf out of Anne Hathaway’s book and go for a pale, pink-tinted gown or if you want to dress your bridesmaids up in typical Californian pink, this color will certainly infuse charm and uniqueness to that special day when you’ll finally say “I do” to the love of your life.

Pink bridesmaid dresses

In fact, the new wedding trend among celebrities is donning a pink gown to walk down the aisle. From Anne Hathaway to Reese Witherspoon, pink wedding dresses are constantly splashed over the pages of wedding magazines. Understandably, though, some brides can be quite hesitant about donning a pink frock. In this case, why don’t you go for a whitish gown with just a pink haze thrown over it in the likes of Anne Hathway’s wedding frock? More daring brides, on the other hand, can go for an all pink frock but bear in mind that the shade of pink that you select should mirror your personality and sense of style. For example, if you don’t stand on ceremony and if you’re planning a more informal ceremony then you can very easily go for a hot pink. This particular shade is perfect for strapless or short wedding dresses.

Pale pink wedding dress

On the other hand, if you want to send off a demure, formal and romantic vibe, it’s best to opt for a paler, baby pink, a shade which goes marvelously with A-line or straight, Victorian gowns. Pale pink is also extremely suited to puffy, Princess-like gowns with sweetheart necklines and lace sleeves.

Pale pink wedding shoes

As far as your decoration goes, there’s no lack of ways for you to infuse pink into your wedding. Think pink linens, pink wedding favor boxes or pouches or even pink champagne for the toast. If you’re going for pink place settings, it would be best to select clear or crystal cutlery.

Pink Wedding Decoration

Of course, since pink wedding cakes are amongst the most popular ones on the market, there’s no doubt that you’re going to find something that you want. If you want to stand out from the crowd though, don’t hesitate to color block your cake. For example, a particularly dramatic look would be to select pink for the first tier, pale blue for the second tier and pink again on top. Ask your baker to enhance the overall cake with some pink and yellow sugared roses and you’ve got the most unique wedding cake ever!


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