Flower Girl Tutu Inspiration Dresses
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Flower Girl Tutu Inspiration Dresses

Flower girls, with their rosy cheeks and angelic eyes are already adorable on their own. They have the certain charm that can seize everybody’s attention during the entire wedding ceremony. Do you know what will make these girls more adorable than ever? Just try to tutu skirts.

Feather Tutu

Tutu dresses make wonderful flower girl dresses for the refined little ladies. Just by fine-tuning the tulle type, design, colors and accents, a tutu dress can be made appropriate for a wide variety of themed weddings. To start you up, here are examples of delightful flower girl tutu dresses.

Flowered top tutu dress

A classic style of tutu dresses is incorporating a sash accessory which ties into a big bow at the back or in the front. For a fashionable, bold move, choose a sash color which would pop against the plain top. For subtle, exquisite and blissful effect, choose a sash in a color that complements the dress hue.

Crochet top tutu dress

A favorite cut for tutu dresses is the empire cut (as if a tutu skirt is not already endearing enough). Usually, the upper portion of the dress is short, just under the breast area. From that line then starts the flow of the tutu skirt, stretching all the way to an ankle-length or even a little longer. To make things interesting, the top can be adorned with flowers, giving an illusion of a purely flowered top. This style would be perfect in pastel shades, appropriate for garden weddings.

Spaghetti Strapped Ful Length Satin and Organza Flower Girl Dress

To provoke a sense of simple country finish on the flower girls’ aura, a crocheted top would be a smart and contemporary adoption. As much as possible, the tulle to be used should be matted and not sparkly or even shimmery. The last two options are reserved for non-crocheted tops.

Sleeveless Beaded Pick Up Ivory Flower Girl Dress with Pleats and Flowers

This heavily bodied trio-color tutu dress adorned with a huge flower on the center is modish chic. The key to achieving this look is to use three tulles, the colors of which pleasantly complement each other. With this type of tutu, glimmer tulles can be used for a soft shimmering sheen to the skirt.

Sleeveless Satin Flower Girl Dress in Ivory with Floral Waistline

Another tutu dress is made with two differently colored tulles, the darker one of which is of a sparkly type. This is perfect for a sunny, outdoor wedding – cheery and jovial. Let the girls wear a hippie flower band for some cute touch.

Two Toned Appliqued Satin A Line Flower Girl Dress with Bow Sash

Lastly, a tutu dress can be made of several layers of different kinds of tulle to achieve a fuller skirt effect. The ends of the outer layer can be embellished with feathers for a soft and magical touch.


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