A Fifty Shades of Grey Wedding
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A Fifty Shades of Grey Wedding

Whether you’re a fan of the controversial Fifty Shades series or not, there’s no doubt that going for a gray theme will certainly bring a distinct air of sophistication and class to your wedding. Indeed, new, emerging wedding trends are all about tasteful and sophisticated hues: gone are the days where everything used to be white with just a touch of blue. Instead, new brides and grooms are now going for more cutting-edge shades.

Bride and Groom wearing gray

However, it’s extremely important not to go overboard and go for an all-gray decoration. This will defeat the entire purpose of your gray wedding theme and bring a tacky, rather gaudy look instead of a sophisticated one. For example, if your groom decided to go for a gray tux, he should break it up by going for a red or black tie. Similarly, gray bridesmaid dresses can be glammed up by adding a pair of silver or golden shoes to the outfit. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to dress the girls up in bright, sparkly jewels and accessories to create a magnificent clashing effect with the overall gray theme of the day.

Bejewelled gray wedding bouquet

Glamorous gray wedding dress

Of course, daring brides can very easily don a lovely gray wedding dress on their special day. Indeed, since this is your day and no one else’s, you shouldn’t be afraid to push the boundaries and explore new fashion horizons. The only essential aspect is that you should feel entirely comfortable in what you’re wearing. Luckily, there’s no lack of gray wedding gowns on the market: whether you’re looking for a thick silver taffeta dress or a short, summery deep gray frock for a beach wedding, you’re certainly going to find something of your liking. If you’re feeling particularly daring, why don’t you vamp it up by going for the ultimate combination of yellow and gray? Don’t hesitate to wrap up your look by going for a grey bejeweled bridal bouquet that will wow everyone!
One of the easiest ways to create a gray wedding theme is through a gray tuxedo for the groom.

Groom wearing gray tuxedo

Alternatively, the special man in your life can even wear a traditional black tux but pair it with a gray silk tie and a dove gray shirt. Another easy way to incorporate a gray theme into your wedding is by opting for a gray cake to cut after the ceremony. However, don’t forget that an all-gray wedding cake is merely going to look like a pile of cement thrown over each other. So, to enhance its striking visual effect, break it up by alternating the various colors. You may, for instance, start off the first tier with a thick chocolate frosting, second tier with gray sugar icing and third tier with chocolate again. Add a generous quantity of yellow sugar roses and you’ve got yourself the perfect cake for your gray themed wedding!

White and gray wedding cake


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