How to have a festive civil wedding
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How to have a festive civil wedding

Sometimes, a full-blown wedding is not always a good idea. There’s all this planning to be done, all the cakes to taste, the dresses to select, guest list and more. So, at times, to avoid all these constraints or to save back on money, some couples choose to have a simple civil wedding. This is also quite a good idea for couples who are having a shorter engagement period, because it will allow you to get married whenever and wherever you want. All you need are you wedding licenses, a quick trip to the civil marriage and you’re all set.

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Of course, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a festive civil wedding. It might be all about signing a bunch of documents, but you’re certainly allowed to have fun on your wedding day.

Civil wedding

For starters, while several couples decide to embrace their new life together in regular everyday clothes, it’s also a good idea to wear something festive or- at the very least- something new. Think elegant, formal clothes such as cocktail dresses, tuxes or maybe even a calf length white dress. Some brides decide to go all out and don a traditional white dress for the ceremony.

Civil marriage with traditional dress and guests

In fact, if you’re the sort of bride who wants to have her civil wedding in a traditional white dress, why not go all the way and invite guests? In such cases, couples usually try to invite closest members of their families and best friends. You are, after all, going to need marriage witnesses, which means that you can very easily ask some other guests to accompany you to the civil office.

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Some couples can even ask judges to host a civil ceremony in their own home. This way, you’ll be able to have a cozy get-together after the civil wedding. Small wedding cakes and champagne can also be served after the civil ceremony to make the occasion even more festive.

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Alternatively, if you do want a wedding party without going through the entire walking down the aisle thing, you can gather some of your best friends and hit the town on the night of your civil weddings. Pub crawling, posh restaurants or even dance clubs are popular ways for couples to mark the start of their new lives together.


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