The Festival Wedding Theme
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The Festival Wedding Theme

A lot of wedding themes are available these days. Festival wedding theme is one of these various wedding types. The following are some of the wedding ideas that will help you make your special day a real festive one.

A festival wedding theme projects a country wedding, full of fun and epical. The setting is usually held in outdoor venues like farms, cornfields, vineyards, gardens and other open field locations.

The Festival Wedding Theme Hay Bale Seats
The bridal gown and even the bridesmaids’ dresses are usually made up of tweed fabrics embroidered with beads or sequence. It is also a great idea for the bride to have a double layered skirt to adapt the all day celebration. The bride may just remove the lower layer after the formal ceremony to reveal the shorter skirt that is apt for the celebration in the reception.

The Festival Wedding Theme Feather Head Dress
The groom and groomsmen may also use tweed suits or coats or even cowboy costume instead formal tuxedos. Feather headdress or wild flower hair accessories will add festival vibe on the auras of the major participants of the wedding. Horse-drawn wedding carriage is very much idyllic for this type of wedding.
If the wedding ceremony will be held in a pergola or marquee, buntings are essential to stick with the festival wedding vibe. Place buntings also around the reception area. Spread pretty wild flowers or daisies throughout the reception venue. Hay bales galore are also essential for guests to have a sit. Cover the hay bales with blankets or fabric covers, or if you prefer a picnic style, lay plenty of picnic blankets around the lawn area.

The Festival Wedding Theme Buntings
In this type of setting, foods and drinks are usually in a buffet style wherein all the foods are set in one table and the drinks are placed on a keg. Then the guests can get their own food and then sit on the hay bales or picnic blankets afterwards. Foods served are usually foods that are common in feast celebrations like roasted pigs, beef, fish, barbeque, rice cakes, and the like instead of traditional three-course meal. You can also set up an ice cream booth or candy and chocolate stall for dessert.

The Festival Wedding Theme Food
If you plan to continue the wedding celebration until evening, setting up a bonfire adds fun and ethnic feeling. Fire lanterns or torch also adds festival wedding vibes. Have some fun with games and activities like singing, dancing and other festival games.


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