Fairytale Wedding Theme Ideas
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Fairytale Wedding Theme Ideas

When we were children, virtually all of us used to spend most of our time in our fairy tale worlds rather than the real one. However, on your wedding, why not let yourself become a part of that world again?

A Cinderella Style WeddingGetting a fairy tale themed wedding isn’t difficult if you know the right people to contact, and depending upon the type of fairy tale that you wish to pursue, your wedding could be done in the simplest of manners.

For instance, if you choose a fairy tale such as Cinderella, we can help you design a ‘ball’, in which the men will be asked to wear long tailed coats and old fashioned clothing, while the women would be asked to wear traditional dresses.

Fairy Tale Wedding Dress

Want to feel like Cinderella? We’ll even get you glass shoes as well! Fairy tale weddings make use of a lot of decorative ideas. From the ginger bread man to Shrek and the tower of Rapunzel, we can help you in setting up these items carefully in your wedding so that the theme fits properly. Obviously, since the fairy tale setting is slightly on the older side, you can’t expect any modern elements within your wedding.

Fairy Tale Wedding Decorations - Teapot

The tables will also be set according to the fairy tale culture. We have a number of different ideas in our heads, such as contrasting the colors of the table cloth and chairs along with the main colors, while the interior could also be further enhanced by the right set of lighting.

Fairytale Theme Wedding - FLower Girls

Having a fairy tale themed wedding might not be easy since the expenses associated with this are significantly higher, but it can be easily done if you work with the right people. The added décor, the designed flower bouquets and the lighting all play a major part in your wedding outlook.


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