Everything You Need for A Magical Vineyard Wedding
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Everything You Need for A Magical Vineyard Wedding

What is dreamier than tying the knot right in the middle of lush greenery and vines? Indeed, if you want an outdoors-themed ceremony with a twist, you could even host your special day right in the middle of a winery. Intimate and highly romantic, Vineyard weddings can either be simple and classic or elaborate and extravagant.

Vineyard Wedding Inspiration Theme

The major advantage with Vineyard weddings is that they provide you with exquisite backgrounds of magical forests, old, strong trees, orchards and in some cases, long rows of mountains. Best of all, space will never be an issue: with a large stretch of vast, empty land, you can very easily cram as many wedding guests as you want into your Vineyard Wedding!

Vineyard Wedding Themes

The perfect Bridal Attire for a vineyard wedding
While you can go for just about any dress cut for an outdoors Vineyard wedding, an A-line, figure-hugging gown would look perfect amongst the vines. Instead of pure white, you could also try to slip into a slinky, ivory beaded outfit.
Don’t neglect the veil: a long, thick gauzy fabric will look simply exquisite against the winery backyard.

Wedding Dress for Vineyard Theme

Keep your makeup light and simple. Indeed, some pink blush, pink lip-gloss and dark eye liner are more than sufficient to turn you into the most glamorous outdoors bride.

vineyard wedding shoes

When it comes to footwear, make sure to select a pair of shoes that’s comfortable, particularly since you will have to walk through grass, stones and other small debris. Kitten heels or wedges are your perfect choices. Bear in mind that your shoes will barely be visible under your long dress, so, don’t hesitate to put on a pair of well-worn, albeit comfortable heels.

Things to consider

There are quite a few things to take into consideration when planning your outdoors Vineyard wedding. For example, some couples may choose to put up a tent or a gazebo, especially during rainy seasons. Alternatively, you can put up a couple of elegant, veiled shady areas where your guests can stand under and relax as they mingle after the ceremony.

Vineyard Wedding Theme Decorations

When it comes to the wedding altar, you can either tie the knot right under the streaming sunshine and billowy winds, or you could arrange for a kiosk. A large, white and purple flowery arch would look extremely fitting for your Vineyard wedding. A great idea would be to create a makeshift aisle through the vines and have your groom stand under a large tree while you walk towards him. Don’t hesitate to cover the aisle with large flower petals for a more romantic look.Vineyard Wedding Theme Kissing Time

Of course, to draw attention towards the general theme of the wedding, you can decorate the reception tables with large clusters of black and green grapes. For an extra special touch, consider using aged wine for your wedding toast instead of the typical champagne.


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