Everything you need to be a radiant spring bride
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Everything you need to be a radiant spring bride

Fragrant gardens, fresh flowers, the warm breeze fanning your hair. Spring definitely is the most weather-appropriate weather for weddings, which is exactly why so many couples decide to get married in spring. Indeed, this type of weather will certainly turn you into a radiant spring bride. So, read on to familiarize yourself with a few hints and tips that will help you turn your spring-themed wedding into an extra-memorable one.

Spring wedding arch

The Setting
To make the most out of the radiant spring weather, it would be best to host your spring wedding in the great outdoors. Still, if you’ve always dreamt about a big church wedding, don’t worry: it’s not all that difficult to bring a few spring-like touches to the pews and aisles. Since spring is all about bright, lively colors, you may even skip the customary red aisle carpet in favor of a pink, yellow, white or green one. Yes, these colors are not at all conventional for the aisle but they’ll definitely liven up the ceremony and draw attention to the spring theme. As far as the pews go, don’t hesitate to decorate them in bright pink organza with contrasting yellow and white roses.

Centerpiece for spring table

An outdoors spring wedding is much easier to decorate and accessorize since nature certainly provides everything you need for an all-natural décor! If you can find one, try to rent a vast green space of land that comes complete with a field of flowers. Nothing screams spring wedding more than the bride gliding through a flowery field while the love of her life waits under a blooming Magnolia tree. Also, don’t forget that no outdoors wedding would be complete without an ornate wedding arch complete with bright red flowers.

Couple in springtime weather

Dress and Accessories
Its spring, hence the time to be merry! So, if you’re feeling quite daring, why don’t you forget about the traditional white gown and go for a spring-colored one instead? Brides who are not ready to slip into a leaf green or flowery fuchsia wedding dress can go for a more subtle albeit eye-catching gold, wine-colored or pale yellow frock. Of course, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have your white wedding dress if that’s what makes you feel comfortable but in that case, try to add a few touches of spring to your attire. For instance, brides can skip the usual tiara and don a striking flower crown instead. Another great way to accessorize would be to go for lively-colored jewels such as sapphire earrings or a pink-stoned head band.

Spring bridesmaids

As for the bridesmaids, it’s recommended to forget about pastel colors and go for bright, vivid hues instead. Think bright pink, glorious purple or even forest and lime green. Of course, the groom can even shrug off his black tux for a lavender, pink, green, white or even yellow one. Don’t forget that the cake will also help you enhance the spring theme of the day so ask your baker to decorate it in eye-catching lively hues and sugared flowers.

Spring bride wearing yellow

Try not to neglect the centerpieces as well: if you’re on a limited budget and can’t really afford a lot of special spring touches, an inexpensive albeit effective way to bring a spring feel to your special day would be to place a spring-related centerpiece on each table for the reception. This may include wooden vases full of spring flowers or more ornate pieces such as hanging pearl arrangements with white, blue and pink flowers. Candles and scent diffuses are other great ways to bring a spring theme to your wedding day.

Spring wedding cake


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