Etiquette for the Wedding Guest List
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Etiquette for the Wedding Guest List

As the wedding day comes near, the bride and groom are faced with dilemmas not typical about wedding attires and venue. The task of completing the wedding guest list is relatively simple but with other factors like budget, sending out RSVP invitations and even children guests can make most of the time and would really require knowing the wedding etiquette.

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Why is it very important to know the etiquette in inviting wedding guests? Simple. Wedding is a very intimate occasion. Close friends and relatives are supposed to be present to give blessing and support. The occasion involves emotions. Without being tact and careful in picking out guests, a conflict may later arise and this will not be a good start in creating a harmonious relationship between the uniting families.

With budget alone, people should already be sympathetic and understanding in case the number of guests from their side is not what they expect to see on the reserved seat portion of the invitation. So here is how the listing should go.

Etiquette for the Wedding Guest List RSVP
Identify the budget and stick to it. Thought the wedding gown and the cake take the most money during the wedding? Well, it’s not really just about how the bride will look. It is how the couple gets resourceful in accommodating as much guests as their list can do. Know the budget and from there decide on the number of guests and then on the menu.

Etiquette for the Wedding Guest List Budget
Both families should be listing their guests. Ask a list from the groom’s and bride’s parents and then the list from the marrying couple. Compile the list and decide how much of it can be accommodated from the budget. Be honest and show courtesy when discussing this with the parents and parents-to-be. They will understand. And who knows? They might even give out a pot of cash to share the expenses!

Etiquette for the Wedding Guest List
Make a list for the “must” invites. These people should come from families and close friends. They are the people who will be the long term witnesses of the married life of the couple. The “should” invites are the next on the list. And in case the budget still allows, add the “could” invites too. As they say, the more guests, the merrier.

Add extra number of seats for every invitation should the guest will invite a close friend or a fiancée or a partner. If the budget will not be able to accommodate all, be specific and send RSVP invitations so there is approximate number of guests coming.

Etiquette for the Wedding Guest List Friends and Family Invites
Have a wedding theme so there is a basis of inviting children. These little darlings can really get tired easily so if the wedding is in the late afternoon until evening and if it’s a black-tie one, consider that kids can be very tired by that time. That is with the exception of the flower girls and ring bearer, of course.

Remember that co-workers are not required to be at the wedding. It is top one on the etiquette to invite family and close friends first. The office mates may no longer be there after six months after the wedding and they may not be the best witnesses when exchanging wedding vows.


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