How to have an enchanted wedding a la Kelly Clarkson
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How to have an enchanted wedding a la Kelly Clarkson

When the talented Kelly Clarkson finally unveiled her much-anticipated wedding pictures, the world was stunned by the breathtaking bride and the even more striking backdrop. The couple decided to go for an all-natural setting that wowed fans with a sparkling lake, lush airy grounds and magnificent greenery. In fact, the simple albeit charming backdrop combined with the bride’s equally modest attire brought a rather enchanted feel on the whole day and it’s no wonder that most brides choose to have a similar ceremony for their own special day. So, if you’re one of the lucky ladies who plan on having a celebrity wedding a la Kelly Clarkson, read on to find out how you can easily and efficiently bring the same magic to you big day.

Kelly Clarkson wedding

Simplicity is beauty

While most celebrities normally indulge in lavish, extravagant and sometimes vulgar weddings, Kelly Clarkson decided to keep things sweet and simple. So, forget about the usual Kardashian-like tackiness and overblown celebrations. Instead, keep everything as basic as you possibly can and, most importantly, make the most out of what nature has to offer. If possible, try to hold your wedding outdoors, without any tent or gazebo over your head. Parks, lakesides or even beaches offer idyllic settings for such events.

Kelly Clarkson wedding 2

Couples who are on a limited budget may even have their weddings in their backyards or, failing that, the backyard of a close friend or relatives. Possibilities are endless when you’re working with nature, so be sure to use a lot of imagination and creativity and you’re soon going to find out that you won’t even need to spend an extravagant sum of money.

Nature inspired wedding

A charming attire for the bride

Kelly Clarkson was an absolute vision in white as she glided down the aisle in her straight lace white dress. Indeed, lace, satin and taffeta are the best fabrics to go for if you want to mirror that same charming look. It’s best to go for A-line or Mermaid cut dresses that will emphasize your silhouette while bringing a highly sophisticated look to your overall attire.

Nature inspired wedding 2

As far as her bridal hairstyle went, Kelly Clarkson wore a simple, loose bun with a 20’s like diamante headband that wasn’t showy enough to distract from her dress. If you want to wear your hair down, however, don’t hesitate to top this hairstyle with a gorgeous flower crown or simple tiara. Also, bear in mind that Kelly’s bouquet consisted of nothing more than a simple bunch of purple flowers and sunflowers without any fancy ribbons or bedazzled stems. In fact, every single accessory complemented each other by their exquisite simplicity, hence throwing a radiant and highly appealing aura around the bride.

Wedding bun with simple headband

Small bridal bouquet with purple flowers and sunflowers


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