Easy ways to choose your wedding cake
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Easy ways to choose your wedding cake

Choosing a wedding cake is both a fun and a challenging task for just about any couple. The fun bit is, you get to taste and sample quite a lot of cake and enjoy these delicacies to your heart’s content. The challenge, however, is when you realize that the market is oozing with an insane amount and variety of cakes that will make it so much more difficult for you to choose only one. Of course, if you can afford it, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for two cakes, hence making the selection process even easier.

Wedding cupcakes

So, read on to learn how to easily choose your wedding cake– not matter what your budget or personal taste is.

Extravagant wedding cake

Decide whether you want something simple or extravagant
As obvious as it may seem, most couples don’t even think about whether they’d like a simple or an extravagant cake until they reach the cake shop. This concludes with both the bride and the groom being overwhelmed by the sheer varieties of cake on display, which can ultimately lead to a poor judgment call and the wrong cake.

Simple wedding cake

The easiest way to determine whether you’d like a large or small cake is obviously by going over the guest list and counting the number of people who will be attending your wedding. Having said that, bear in mind that, if you’re not on a budget, there’s no reason why you should have an extravagant cake even if you’re holding a small ceremony. An extravagant cake will allow room for several personalized touches such as a mini replica of the church in which you’re tying the knot.

Wedding cake display

Sample the cake on displays
Cake shops are notorious for their alluring display of wedding cakes. The sugary scents, the exquisitely crafted flowers and the light, airy sponges are enough to crack even the toughest of pre-wedding dieters. However, it’s quite crucial for the actual couple to sample the wedding cakes instead of sending the groomsmen or bridesmaids for a test.

Cake testing

Make sure to eat before you go to your cake sampling: several people are under the illusion that it’s best to go to a cake testing on an empty stomach because that will help them appreciate the taste even better. This is unfortunately not the case. If you sample your cake on an empty stomach, you’ll automatically find everything super tasty, which can be quite derivative to the whole purpose of the cake testing. It’s equally important to have a mint or, at the very least, a minty drink to sip on as you alternate between different cakes and flavors to clear your palate.


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