A dreamy white wedding for the romantic bride
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A dreamy white wedding for the romantic bride

Commonly associated with purity and harmony, white is, without any doubt, one of the most popular wedding colors.Indeed, the very idea of traditional brides often bring to mind images of an intricate white gown with a matching, flowing veil. While more and more colors are gradually making their way into more modern weddings, white definitely remains the one color that’s present in just about any marriage ceremony.

Romantic white wedding gown

Contrary to popular belief, however, white doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, if done properly, this color can turn any drab event into a highly glamorous affair. Let’s not forget that some of the most acclaimed weddings of the century- from Grace Kelly’s lavish marriage to just about every other royal wedding- were all centered about this highly harmonious color. Best of all, white being the most popular choice, there’s certainly not a lack of white wedding dresses on the market. Whether you’re looking for an A-line frock or a billowy strapless one, you can be sure to find something of your liking. White even has the advantage of going particularly well with a variety of adornment from sequins to pearls, twinkling stones and so many more.

White wedding dress and tuxedo

While white is the favored color for most brides, there’s no reason why the groom shouldn’t don a white tuxedo as well. This will actually bring quite a homogenous feel the ceremony since both the bride and the groom will be wearing the same color.

Pure white wedding bouquet

A white bridal bouquet is also guaranteed to complement your outfit while bringing a rather dramatic flourish to your look as a whole, particularly if you decide to go for a waterfall arrangement. However, in spite of the white-theme, don’t hesitate to place a couple of pink or yellow flowers here and there: the contrast between these two colors will add even more emphasis on the white while staying in line with the overall color palate. And it goes without saying that pearl and white stone accessories are absolute must-have in just about any white-themed wedding. In fact, both edible and non-edible white pearls can be used to embellish your wedding cake and draw attention back to the theme in general.

white decoration for the wedding aisle

Brides who are planning an indoor wedding and reception can very easily go for a billowy white marquee and matching satin chair covers. However, if you’d rather have an outdoors ceremony, don’t hesitate to place some white candles in a hanging jar to draw attention to the white theme. White fairy-lights will also bring a deeply romantic and dreamy feel to the whole atmosphere.

Decorating ideas for outdoor white wedding


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