How to Draft Creative RSVPs
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How to Draft Creative RSVPs

Weddings have become lovely traditions which everyone has witnessed at least twice or thrice a year. Indeed, they have become part of life and though they are special to the bride and groom, they may be dragging and plain for most of the guests. Remember how the hall slowly becomes unfilled when meal time is finished? Now, create that longing and excite into your guests by having a unique RSVP. Leave an impression that your wedding is going to be a fun one. Here’s how to draft creative RSVPs that your guests will adore.

RSVP with song suggestion

Hilarious RSVPs
Checklists remind us of dreary surveys. The usual “Yes, celebrating” and “Regretfully, no” might just not cut it. Go for funny. Integrate funny excuses into the yes and no like, “Yes, I’ll come for the celebratory booze.” And “No because I am totally lame.” However, make sure that your guests can ride along with it. Weigh your words that they would not cross the offending border.

RSVP with pictures

Fill-in-the-blanks RSVPs
Give your guests something to think about except whether they’re going or not when you hand them your wedding invites with RSVP cards. You can place blanks where your guests could jot down adjectives, nouns and feelings on your little story invite. It’ll be a fun exercise for the major entertainment that is bound to happen on your wedding. You could even have blank spaces for their suggested songs to play on your wedding or food allergies that they may have.

Fill in the Blanks RSVPs

RSVP with Notes
You can double your RSVP as suggestion cards, wish notes and advice columns. Have your guests write down whatever message they have for the both of you at the back of the RSVP cards and hang them on the wedding reception during the Big Day. They can include family recipes, a trade marriage secret or some DIY wedding suggestion.

RSVP with notes

Online RSVP
If you have created your wedding blog where you could document the entire preparation, you can add a page there for your online RSVPs. You could avail of the online forms services for free. If you want premium forms, you could go for the paid ones. Of course, you can style your own RSVP form according to the wedding theme. This online RSVP is the most convenient for modern weddings.

Online Rsvp


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