Destination Wedding Etiquettes
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Destination Wedding Etiquettes

The idea of exchanging your vows barefoot on the pristine sand of the Caribbean while the sunset, which starts to kiss the horizon, sets your skin outline and hair strands aglow seems the perfect wedding plan for you and your partner. No matter how seductive your vision of a destination wedding is, you two should first consider the dirty works behind that glamorous out-of-town wedding. Are you willing to sponsor your guests’ fare? How will you convince your guests to leave work or their homes on the date of your wedding? Will you be the one responsible for their hotel rooms? To get a clue about these destination wedding questions, read on.

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Trim Down the Guest List
Since you are already doing a huge favor from your guests by requesting for their presence on an island far away from home on a specific date, you should only invite people whom you can’t be wed without. Family is already default on the list. Sure, you have a lot of circles, but choose the group you are the most intimate with. After all, the size will dictate the majority of the budget that you need to set aside for your wedding. You could always have another party for the more distant relative, friends and colleagues when you fly back home.

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Sponsor at least a Portion of your Guest’s Expenses
It is just your courteousness that would dictate your willingness to sponsor your wedding-incurred expenses of your guests. If you think you can’t handle paying for the airfare of 250 guests, then you could do either of the following: revisit your guest list and cut down the number, pay only half of the airfare or pay for the dresses and hotels instead. Whichever expense you’d like to cover, you should always weigh the rest of the expenses that would be charged to the guests, if it’s reasonable or not.

Give out specific details
For your guests to be able to prepare themselves for the wedding, you should give out the details of your wedding date and place the soonest, as long as the places are already surely booked. Expose these information at least 8-12 weeks in advance to let your guests plan out their vacation leaves. You should also indicate (not necessarily on the invites) which of the expenses you would cover so that they can prepare their own fund for your wedding. To entice them more, you could shoot them a mail indicating the activities that they can do and tourist spots that they can visit. They might want to stay on the hotel a little longer. They might want to go around town. Be sure, however, to point out which of these things they can avail for free (translation, the things that you would be paying for).



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