Denim Bridesmaid Dresses
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Denim Bridesmaid Dresses

Having a barn or a rustic wedding? Or just wanting to have a standout classic wedding? Make it more awesome by making your bridesmaids wear denim dresses. There’s nothing more organic and unique than your bridal entourage sashaying in sophisticated-styled denims. Who says denims can only be rugged? Here are real proof that will make your think otherwise.

Bridesmaids with the Bride
Soft Denim Fabrics
Having a denim-themed wedding doesn’t necessarily require you to use those stiff and thick denim textiles in creating your bridesmaid’s dresses. It would be a nightmare. There are soft and delicate denim-looking fabrics which you can use instead. Style should be flowy and frilly to bring out the feminine side.

Denim Tops
Denim Tops + Frilly Bottoms
Another charming idea is to wear ordinary denim jackets on top and a frilly, tutu-like bottom. Fold up the sleeves until just above the elbow to sharpen the look. Use a beige to brown belt to cover the tucked in portion of the outfit. Wearing a boots would also make the entire ensemble look rocking.

Mismatched Denims
Mismatched Denim Dresses
To cut on the expenses and to stimulate chic wedding fashion, why not let your bridesmaids wear their own favorite denim dresses? You can just put say, some guidelines like dresses should be an inch above the knees or that the dress shoudn’t reveal too much skin. As long as you trust and believe that your friends have great taste in fashion, you are allowed to choose this dodgy option.

Elegant Denims
Elegant Denim Dresses
To achieve elegance and sophistication with denim bridesmaid dresses, you can request for a floor-length cut from your seamstress. Try to make it a tube-cut dress to exhibit feminity. Also, a minimalistic design wouldn’t hurt. You just can play with folds and creases on the dress top, but you wouldn’t want to embellish it with heavy beadwork – it is uncalled for. With this style, less is always more.

Simple denim dresses
Denim Overalls
Denim overalls are the ultimate way to go if you’re desiring to have that timeless and refined bridal entourage. If you want to nail this look, the design of the dress should be sophisticated – wide leg pants, folded scarf-like tops and dazzling accessories. To complete the look, you can opt to wear high heels with a denim touch.


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