Decent Manners to Your Wedding Guests
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Decent Manners to Your Wedding Guests

On your wedding day, you and your groom are supposed to be the recipient of everyone’s fervent attention, but that doesn’t mean it’s only you guys will be given the utmost comfort all throughout the day. Your guests deserve their fair share of special treatment too, especially those who come all the way from the other side of the world just to celebrate your special day. Here are some ways on how to pamper your wedding guests.


Tell them they’re sweet by giving them treats
When your guests arrive at the reception, they must be hungry after the church wedding ceremonies. Also, you and your groom may be instructed by the photographer to pose outside the church for a few snappies. There would be certainly some delay between the ceremony and meal time on the reception, so you may provide thank you treats along with a thank you note to your guests. Include kiddie treats for the young ones too. It’ll keep the toddlers entertained for a while.

Fluffy Slippers

Keep their feet warm and happy
Now, to cap all the wedding reception ceremonies, there will be lots of wine and dancing. However, how can you encourage your guests to dance if they are tired wearing their heels and black shoes for the whole day? Dancing on your feet is fun, but it’ll be not if the season is cold. So, hand them out these pink fluffy slippers. To keep their feet warm while dancing. These slippers are ideal when your reception is on a hotel. They can even take it to their rooms to use for the rest of their stay.

Rubber Slippers

Let them feel the sand on their toes
Now, if your reception is on the beach, then just use rubber slippers in colors which match your wedding theme! You can have them in several hues to keep the basket fancy and the guests hyped up for choosing. Rubber slippers would give their feet the much-needed relief and would be perfect for some beach walking on sunset.

Sweet Treats

Give them protection from the noonday sun
Having a backyard and a beach wedding is superb, but be sure that your guests would feel the same way. If your wedding ceremony is occurring on an early afternoon or might stretch a little bit to noontime, be prepared with umbrellas to give out to your guests. Creasing foreheads and sweaty faces wouldn’t be cute on pictures.



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