The most coveted celebrity wedding dresses
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The most coveted celebrity wedding dresses

From Princess Diana’s ultra-famous wedding dress to Anne Hathaway’s pink-tinted frock, celebrity wedding dresses have inspired brides from all over the world. Indeed, bridal and fashion magazines alike are simply brimming with blown-up pictures of celebrity brides which can later be transposed into similar replicas.

Jamie Oliver wedding

At Jamie Oliver’s wedding, for example, all eyes were focused on the bride as she came gliding down the aisle in a strikingly attractive white and grey dress with block patterns. Simple, albeit elegant, Jools Oliver’s wedding frock was shimmery enough to catch and reflect the light with every move. While her dress was unconventionally grey with a hint of silver, she decided to stick to tradition by donning a rather longish, white veil with tiny stones studded all around.

Sarah Jessica  Parker Vera Wang dress

No one can speak of world-famous celebrity dresses without bringing up the gloriously elegant, extravagant Vera Wang frock that Sarah Jessica Parker donned in “Sex and the City, The Movie.” While she might not have worn this dress in real life, it made enough of an impression in the movie for brides all over the world to rush to the closet Vera Wang and procure this jaw-dropping frock. With its white and ivory layers, perfect fairytale princess hem and exquisite veil, Sarah Jessica Parker’s movie wedding dress is bound to flatter just about any body shape.

Kim Kardashian wedding dress on display by Madam Tussauds

Another equally extravagant celebrity bridal attire is Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress. She might be far from being an A-list celebrity, yet, this starlet did somehow manage to select a striking outfit for her wedding day. However, her frothy, billowy tulle skirt would have been better suited on a bride with slimmer features. While the dress was certainly on the sophisticated side, it didn’t do any favors to Kim’s plump body. So, if you’re lucky enough to be tall and slim, then by all means, don’t hesitate to go for a replica of this magical, ball gown-like dress.

Keira knightley short wedding dress

Someone who did manage to select the perfect dress for her body shape was Keira Knightley. By no means conventional, her dress was quite short and billowy with a grey skirt. In fact, the Channel dress was casual enough for Keira to recycle it at an Awards’ Ceremony. This is definitely the type of gown that would suit any contemporary bride who isn’t afraid to break free from tradition in favor and explore new boundaries.

Princess Dianas Other Wedding Dress For Auction

And of course, no one can even think of celebrity wedding dresses without mentioning the most iconic one of them all: made from yards and yards of ivory taffeta, Lady Diana Spencer’s wedding dress had jaws dropping when she got out of the carriage. With its unique twenty-five feet train, this frock remained quite unique in the sense that there’s never been another one quite like it. The billowy sleeves, sweetheart neckline and long, gauzy veil even had the wedding announcer made the famous comment: “Here’s the stuff of which fairytales are made.”

Princess Diana's wedding dress 2


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