Country Style Themed Weddings
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Country Style Themed Weddings

Horses. Cowboy boots. Lots of hay. Barrels and barns. They all scream – country… and yes, rustic and perhaps, romantic? Many couples are choosing a country-style theme for their weddings these days. And why shouldn’t they? Country-style weddings are chic and fun. Most especially if the couple loves nature.

Country-style weddings are more often about nature that surrounds the area. So, if you’re thinking about a country-style rustic type of a wedding, pick out a place that represents the type of wedding you would like to have. Do you want the old southern country type? Western country? Or country chic?

If you’re bent on the rustic country wedding, a barn is a perfect venue for that. Barns are fun to spruce up and offer a lot of good old country charm. You can have your own unique country wedding on a crisp spring day or on a cool autumn day.

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Most country weddings go for the DIY stuff and hand crafted thingamajigs, from décor to food to wedding invitations and even to outfits – quilt squares, large vases, wildflowers, homemade dishes from family and friends, hand-crocheted shoes, painted old bottles– hunt through thrift shops for vintage items.

For the wedding outfit – add some rustic touches to complete your country–style look. Wear boots or fancy flats. Use lightweight fabrics like lace and chiffon. Let the ladies wear mismatched dresses. Let the men wear nice vests instead of jackets or button up shirts and suspenders. If you don’t want it to be too stuffy, let them wear jeans. Everyone will rock.

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One more thing, serve homey and delicious comfort food like pasta, barbecue, potato salads and homemade pies and ice cream. Go for caramel apples as wedding favors. The type of food you serve will complete the country-style vibe of your wedding.

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