Here Comes the Bride Placards
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Here Comes the Bride Placards

Another hip wedding detail have been spotted on latest wedding photos online – it’s the “Here Comes the Bride” signage that is carried by little gentleman before the bride comes marching down the aisle. It’s a preparation for the audience, especially to the groom, that the most beautiful woman is about to enter the scene. When you see that sign, hold on to your breath and get your handkerchiefs ready. Here are some of the “Here Comes the Bride” signage which you can draw upon inspiration for your own.

Heart Blackboard

Heart Blackboard
This heart blackboard tied around a cute little gentleman’s neck is a cute one. This is perfect for rustic weddings for its homey effect. You can even draft your own version of the line. Jot down, “Uncle [Insert Groom’s name here], here comes your girl.” You can replace girl with babe or woman, depending on your choice.

Flower girl and ring bearer

Little Girl, Little Boy and a Placard
To add more awwws from the audience, have a little flower girl and one of the bearers carry the sign together. It’ll just be adorable, especially when the two are in their respective wedding attire.

Three little gentlemen

Little Gentlemen, One Banner
The adorable little bearers can carry the banner all together if you want. If the sign is big enough to be carried by only one kid, then you can opt for this setting.

Dog Carrier

Dog Carrier
If you are a dog-lover, then your dogs are surely part of your family. If your dog is well trained enough, you can make him or her carry the sign for you. Just make sure that the wooden plank is not too heavy for your furry friend. You can even have a wedding dog attire tailored especially for your doggy carrier. Surely, it’ll generate some chuckles in the audience. Inform your church or wedding rites location manager of your plan to set this up. Some places don’t allow animals.

Wooden Planks

Separate Wooden Planks
If you want to add more thrill (as if there’s none), you can separate the words into different wooden boards and have a several kids carry each. Build up tension and suspense with the fragmented words and a longer line-up of the bridal signage kids.

Whatever “Here Comes the Bride” Signage that you will choose, it’ll always work. To have a more coherent design, you may want to match your signage style to your wedding theme.


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Posted in Brides on Nov 19th,2013