Colorful scheme for a spring wedding
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Colorful scheme for a spring wedding

One of the most- if not the most- coveted wedding season, spring radiates health, color and beauty. If you want to have a spring themed wedding, there are a few color schemes that you should follow to emphasize the stunning beauty that is usually associated with this season. After all, let’s not forget that some of the greatest poems of this century were centered around this time of year, so, as a Spring Bride, it’s your duty to do justice to this exquisitely stunning season.

Colorful spring wedding

When drafting your color palette for spring, the one thing that you should remember is to steer clear from any dark and drab hue, no matter how appealing the combination is. Granted, black and red provide a marvelous contrast, but is this really how you’d like to portray your spring wedding? These types of combinations can be found in any other wedding so it’s quite crucial to highlight the particular season that you’ve chosen to tie the knot. Above all, your spring wedding ought to be colorful, even if the hues don’t match in a conventional manner.

Lanterns hanging from trees

Bridesmaids, for example, can wear purple dresses with green sashes around the waist. Or, failing that, they can each hold a green parasol to complement their outfits, especially if you’re having an outdoors wedding. For an evening wedding, don’t hesitate to string several lanterns together and allow them to hang from trees for a more pronounced effect. The soft flickering of the yellow flames, mingled with the balmy spring night air will undoubtedly highlight the special theme of the day. In fact, you may even take the extra step and string colorful lanterns or fairy lights instead of traditional yellow and white ones.

Pastel colors

Pastel colors are your main allies if you’re having a spring wedding. Having said that, it’s important to properly select your combination of pastels to avoid a washed-out look. Pales and pales should never, ever match. Instead, always try to balance out a pale hue by another darker pastel color. Bright canary yellow with a more toned down turquoise always works. Other spring-like color schemes include the occasional touch of orange, lime green and yellow, brown and gold, turquoise and pink and the likes. An easy way to incorporate these combinations in your wedding would be through the bouquet and cake. For example, a bright pink bridal bouquet with a turquoise and pink wedding cake will leave no doubt in your guests’ minds that this certainly is a spring wedding.

Orange touches

Pink bridal bouquet


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