Classy Bridal Jackets for Your Wedding
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Classy Bridal Jackets for Your Wedding

Most bridal gowns are tubes and halters. You can hardly find one which can cover your back unless you have one custom made. However, custom-made gowns can be very costly. This would be your dilemma if you are having a wedding in winter or during the cold season. You wouldn’t want to bare your back and suffer from runny noise the next day. Worry not. There are classy bridal jackets that could warm things up. Here are a few.

Sleeveless Wedding Jacket

Simple Bridal Jacket
If your wedding dress is already beaded and full of appliques, you don’t want to scatter the attention from the dress to your jacket. Tone down things a bit by wearing a simple bridal jacket – only a plain tulle or organza with accented sleeves. Simple elegance is easy to achieve with this one.

Simple Wedding Jacket with Applique

Lacy Bridal Jacket
If you’re going for dainty, then this off-shoulder lacy jacket will help you nail the look. The raw, but neatly defined edges will add sophistication to your entire look. Let the intricate jacket bring out the woman in you. With the detailed jacket, you just need minimal accessories. A white headband or hairband and studded earrings will do.

Lacy Bridal Jacket

Bridal Bolero
Pull off a sophisticated look with this silky white bridal bolero. The creased stand-up collar on the top is the main element of the garment. The stitched on sleeves adds a fashion support. This is best paired with beaded tube top gowns.

Bridal Bolero

Fur Winter Jacket
If it’s the tie of the year when it’s heavily snowing and all, then you have your excuse to wear a full fur winter jacket. The jacket should be at arms-length only in order not to drown your entire aura. Show a little skin. Also, this is best paired with tube gowns with minimal accents. The fur is a bold accessory already.

Winter Fur Bridal Jacket

Black Bridal Jacket
If you don’t want to go white all the way, then you can opt to go for a black bridal jacket which is feminine, lacy and hugging. Accent it with a black waist wrap so that it wouldn’t look so out-of-place. A long-sleeved black jacket will do as long as it’s sheer and light.

Black Bridal Bolero
In choosing a bridal jacket, make sure that the textile that it’s made from will somehow match and coordinate with your bridal dress. You want to pull of alucid and lovely look and nothing less – or more.


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