Christmas Wedding: Celebrating Love on the Joyous Time of the Year
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Christmas Wedding: Celebrating Love on the Joyous Time of the Year

The sound of the Christmas carols, the chilly winter air, the glistening trees and the happiness that abounds on the happiest season of the year can be infectious that Christmas weddings take place.  The bridal gowns on this realm are inspired from everything that is Christmassy.

The Angel

christmas wedding dress3

Derived from the most popular symbol of hope and peace, this wedding gown is made in pure white with the feathery cloak to give an angelic aura as one of the prominent features on the Christmas tree.


Santa Claus

christmas wedding dress4

The bearded man that rides a sleight pulled by them speedy reindeer makes kids happy and even the brides of Christmas wants their dresses to be drawn from the well loved Santa’s red, white and black motif.


The Christmas Tree

christmas wedding dress1

Who does not love the Christmas tree? All of the houses have their own version of this as well as the women that plan to get married in the season of cheers.


The Gift

christmas wedding dress2

Inspired from the act of giving and sharing during the Christmas Eve this wedding gown is adorned with an over-sized bow sash to capture the spirit. The bride would usually have her ensemble as a wrapped gift for the symbolic offering of herself to her husband to-be. The purity of this intention is a commendable act especially during this time of the year.


The Nutcracker

christmas wedding gown

This wedding gown is inspired from the ballerina under the Christmas tree that is well liked by the little girls and this time by the senora who will say I do.


The Mistletoe

green wedding dress

Wearing this as a wedding gown could make the bride all worthy to be given the first kiss on the moment she is proclaimed Mrs. Right.


These ensembles are all taken from the blissful things of Christmas where even at the altar, these can very well represent the season and the woman with a high regard for joyful things.



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