Choosing the most flattering fabric for your wedding dress
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Choosing the most flattering fabric for your wedding dress

Wedding dresses come in several shapes and sizes- but so do brides. This is why it’s crucial to really pay attention to the actual fabrics when you’re shopping for your wedding dress. Indeed, most brides understandably get carried away and focus more on the dress length, style and cut than the fabric itself. However, what most of us forget is that it that, in the end, the fabric determines the overall flow and shape of the dress.

Organza and Silk wedding
Indeed, a petite bride will look completely drowned in thick organza or taffeta while a curvaceous lady should refrain from silk or satin to hide any unruly bulges. It’s also extremely important to bear in mind that your fabric should ultimately match your dress cut for a more flattering fit. Full-figured brides, for instance, should preferably opt for A-line cuts made from gauze, organza or a blend of cotton and taffeta. A flared dress in mingled lace and gauze will also help you hide any love handles or muffin tops. Indeed, this particular fabric is renowned for its flattering, figure-enhancing effect and best of all, it can very easily suit several body types.

Taffeta and silk wedding dress with beaded bodice
If you’re tall and skinny, don’t hesitate to go for a satin, figure hugging dress which will cling to every parcel of your body, creating alluring curves while drawing the eyes to the contours of your figure. Tall and slender brides can also go for the ultra-glamorous combination of gauze and feathers. Ladies who are lucky enough to be blessed with a proportionate hourglass body can very easily select the ultimate blend of taffeta and silk.

Satin wedding dressOn the other hand, petite brides should preferably stick to lighter wedding dress fabrics in the likes of tulles. Don’t hesitate to experiment with various styles and blend two different fabrics for a more striking effect. Petite ladies, for instance, can even go for a knee-length wedding dress with a clingy lace bodice and tulle skirt.

Gauze and feather wedding dressBrides should also remember that beaded bodices and lace are flattering to most- if not all- body types and heights. So, if you’re unsure of the perfect fabric for your body shape, you can safely go for intricately beaded bodices with lace skirts. All-over lace wedding dresses will also draw out the features and create a beautifully streamlined, hourglass silhouette.

Lace and gauze wedding dress


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