How to choose the perfect first dance song
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How to choose the perfect first dance song

Undoubtedly one of the most- if not the most- memorable moments at the reception, the first dance symbolizes your very first gesture as a married couple. It should therefore come as no surprise that most couples usually obsess about their choice of song. Indeed, the first dance song should be selected with extreme care and after taking quite a few issues into consideration.

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For example, it’s quite important to make sure that your song choice matches with the special effects. This will not only be aesthetically pleasing but it will also infuse a deeply romantic touch to the dance. Bear in mind that a couple’s first dance is always a sentimental moment and there’s no harm in adding some extra feelings, right? So, if you’re opting for a slow dance, don’t forget to enhance the overall mood with some lighting effects. Compared to popular belief, clichéd songs are not such a bad idea for first songs: tunes such as Shania Twain’s “From this Moment” or even “Forever and Always” will help you celebrate your new union while emphasizing on a happy future.

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For ultra-contemporary couples, on the other hand, Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” can be a much better option. This can actually be quite an appropriate choice for newly-weds who have decided to go for a more energetic first dance. Don’t be afraid to go for pop, techno, or even heavy metal first songs if that’s the type of music that you and your new spouse usually listen to. Bear in mind that your first dance song should be an intensely personal choice and one that should be dictated by your personal preferences, not society’s. By the same token, if you’d like to go for a different or more acrobatic song choice for your first dance.

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Another factor to bear in mind is that you and your spouse have to find a common interest in the song of your choice. An all-too-common scenario shows the bride insisting on one song and the groom on another, which often leads to conflicts prior to the wedding. Hence, instead of trying to coax your song choice on your spouse, try to work a compromise which will please both of you.

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If you want- and can afford to- hire a professional choreographer, then you’re certainly going to pick up on some of the most alluring dance moves. However, if you just decide to go by the beat of the music, be sure to select one that’s easy to dance to. “Sway”, for example, is an extremely popular first song choice, but, not the easiest one to dance to unless you have some salsa or cha-cha dance move.



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