How to choose the perfect bridal party
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How to choose the perfect bridal party

No wedding would be complete without the perfect bridal party. Indeed, a team of well-meaning grandmas, bridesmaids, flower girls, program distributors, ushers, page boys, groomsmen and the likes. Most of your closest friends and relatives will certainly have some part to play at your wedding to make sure that the ceremony flows without a single hitch. This is why it’s extremely important to carefully select the perfect bridal party to turn your special day into a unique success.

Bridal party

A common mistakes that several couples make, however, is to go over the top and start bossing everyone around. Don’t be a Bridezilla: remember that your cousin is here to help you sort out the wedding favors not to start scrubbing the aisle. If you want to be surrounded by a perfectly synchronized A-team on your wedding day, make your bridal party feel distinguished and special, not used. It’s also crucial to select the perfect person for the job: no matter how cute your little niece looks, if she’s a bit of a daredevil, it’s probably not a good idea to send her scuttling down the aisle with a basket of flowers in her hands.

Flower girls and ring bearers

The best flower girls and ring bearers are those who are confident, charming and playful without being over the top. Another popular mistake is to go for a shy flower girl in the hope that she won’t create too much of a havoc: while this is true, the flip side is that the flower girl may be way too shy to even walk in front of all these people which can delay the grand Bridal entrance.

Wedding reader

Several weddings also have one designated reader to read speeches from other guests, wedding-related poetry or even bible verses- if you’re opting for a church wedding. It goes without saying that your reader should be eloquent, light-hearted and humorous. After all, there’s nothing worse than sitting through a myriad of speeches and verses delivered by the same pitched drone. By this token, it’s always best to designate someone young and upbeat for the wedding readers. But, that certainly doesn’t mean that you should exclude the elders from your special day.

Elders at wedding

On the contrary, your wedding is a special occasion to honor your favorite grandmother or parent. Don’t underestimate their wisdom and guidance as well: not only have they already been married but they’ve also attended countless weddings during their life and will hence be better able to advise you about the table settings, favors and decorations. A particularly touching gesture would be to ask your favorite grandparent to be your Matron of Honor or best man.

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Speaking of which, don’t forget that your Maid of Honor should be someone that you’ve known for a long time and someone who not only understands you but is always honest with you. For example, most of your friends will gush over any dress that you select during the wedding dress shopping trip but the perfect Maid of Honor will give you her honest opinion, no matter how brutal it is. After all, to pick a quote from the epic film ‘Made of Honor’: “The perfect Maid of Honor is with her bride every step of the way.” Bear in mind that the Maid of Honor should not necessarily be a relative. If you’re not close to your cousins and sisters, don’t hesitate to go for your closest friend instead.


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