The Chic Purple Bride
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The Chic Purple Bride

Are you ready to make a statement on your big day?

Go ahead. Break tradition. Walk down the aisle on a purple wedding dress and feel like royalty. Purple is a mixture of blue and red – the steadiness and firmness of blue and the get-up-and-go oomph of red. That’s why purple symbolizes luxury, power, extravagance, wealth, mystery and yes, dignity and wisdom.

The Chic Purple Wedding Hat

Purple has always been associated with monarchs and crowns, so it wouldn’t really hurt if you add a purple crown or hat on your head to add a little bit more of purple flamboyance.

Go for a pretty strapless puffy organza and satin purple wedding dress – tote up more glam factor by using beads pattern over the ball gown. Move over, Princess Kate. Here comes, the purple queen.

The Chic Purple Organza Wedding Gown

Purple wedding dresses can come in a plum colored strapless ball gown. Or a satin tiered skirt with embroidery in hot royal purple. A sweetheart ruffled purple wedding gown with splashes of white will surely give out a collective wow from all the guests—groom included of course. Be a blushing beautiful bride on a classic strapless with crystal beads on a purple wedding dress. Or how about a purple strapless lace neckline ruffle satin? You can either choose the bold purple or the sweet lavender or lilac tone. Feel like a million bucks on a beautifully-fitted corset top and ruffled skirt ball gown – oh yes, in purple.

The Chic Purple Lace Overlaid Wedding Shoes

Eager to add more purple power to your wedding ensemble? Kick off your glass slipper and choose purple shoes on your wedding day. Don’t let anything hold you back by daring to make this purple statement. Whether you’ll get lilac or violet or royal purple – lace overlaid purple wedding shoes add a feminine splash to your wedding outfit. Beautify it, add some ribbons and crystals and beads. Let in the rest of your wedding party and don those spunky purple shoes – from lavender to bright purple to dark plum. It’s time for purple reign!

The Chic Purple Satin Wedding Gloves

To complete the purple dream, why don’t you dare put on a cute pair of satin bridal gloves? Or let your entourage put on those pretty purple gloves to complete the picture – choose from wrist length to below elbow length or above the elbow or the opera length. Embellish those purple gloves with beads and ribbons and crystals, if you wish. Imagine a purple lace fingerless below elbow length wedding gloves — perfect for your evening wedding.

While you’re at it, let your groom and his men, put on purple bow ties and let them join the purple wedding party.


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