The Chic Flower Girl Hairstyles
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The Chic Flower Girl Hairstyles

Adorable hairstyles add fun and charm to the cute flower girls. From the gay floral to butterfly headpieces, they can also don a classic look with a simple bun or a majestic tiara. There are popular choices of styles that will cover the locks of the charming little ladies and it can go from easy-to-do to a quite complicated one.

The Chic Flower Girl Pigtails with Halo Hairstyle

Little girls can be as charming as they are but remember that they are still kids and tend to be playful like any kids their age. You would not want them tied on the chair while finishing their Celtic-inspired hair with lots of knots and ties or you better allot just a few minutes with their hairstyle and let them just strut their stuff.

The Chic Flower Girl Full Braided Hair Up-Do with Tiara

Flower girl hairstyles should not be that complicated. If possible, do not use too many hair pins and hair spray. They are kids. Let them carry a hair-do that looks fascinating, elegant and fun without the extra fuss.

An all-time favorite chic flower girl hairstyle is the pig tail. Divide the hair in two and hold both sides with an elastic band. This style will look cute in wavy or straight hair. Finish the style with a halo of flowers according to the wedding theme color. Some halos have beads as accent while some even use butterflies instead of flowers.

The Chic Flower Girl Straight Hair Do

Glam up your little dolls with a half up-do that emphasizes her waves and curls. Braid the upper part. You can do a half braid, a waterfall braid or a tree braid. You can also put ribbon laces in between the locks of braid for a playful look.

Regency Beaded Taffeta A Line Flower Girl Dress with Pick Ups

An up-do with twisted braids is perfect for indoor and outdoor weddings. Twist and braid the hair on the sides and bring the rest of the hair in a messy bun. A colorful feathery headband or a stem of flower can finish the flower girl look.

Tired of the neat and perfect ballerina bun? Lay down your girls’ hair for an elegant and laid-back style. Just gather the front hair and pull them by the side on to the back part like doing a half up-do only that the gathered hair will remain down at the back side. Clasp the gathered hair loosely and insert a stem of rose for a vintage drama.

The Chic Flower Girl Twisted Braid Hair Up-Do

Want to maintain your darling’s fresh look until the end of the celebration? Then finish her hair with a braided up-do. Braid the sides up to the end. Tie each end carefully gather them into a bun and sparkle up with a cute tiara set a little on the side of the top head.


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