The Chic Blue and Orange Wedding Theme
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The Chic Blue and Orange Wedding Theme

Bring the vibrant blue and orange wedding theme to life. Set aside fear and instead be fearless enough to use these bright colors as modern wedding motif.

From the many shades of blue, it can be very hard to decide whether to use robin’s egg blue or tiffany blue or navy blue. After comparing and all, the bolder royal blue with the happy orange on the wedding pallet is still the best combination. Put together these pretty shades and create a calm and happy wedding reception that trails to a dreamy happy ever after.

The Chic Blue and Orange Wedding Theme Introductory Photo

Let the colors be picture-perfect with the great weather outside. An outdoor wedding will surely add fantasy and style to the colorful event. The versatility of royal blue goes very well with the sky or the ocean or the garden. Even if accented with bright orange, it can still exude elegance and tranquility.

Mix and match the colors in the wedding venue. Orange flowers can come in royal blue vases. Alternate the colors among tables and chairs. Tie orange and blue ribbons on tree branches or hang flower initials of the wedding color on the entrance of the venue.

The Chic Blue and Orange Wedding Theme Flowers

Let the bride wear a perfect white bridal gown with a mix of blue and orange bouquet. She can also don either a royal blue or orange sparkly shoes. The bridesmaids can alternately wear the colors and initially give an impression of an outdoor wedding while they hold their own fab umbrellas of either color.

Chic Blue and Orange Reception Dress

Strut down the aisle behind the trail of entourage wearing the vibrant colors evident in their shoes, hair accessories, bouquets or outfits. Men can attach orange pocket flowers on the lapel of their coat while a royal blue tie goes with their white long sleeves inset. With the royal blue bridesmaid dress, an orange bouquet will look chic and stylish. They can also put a blossom on their hair.

The Chic Blue and Orange Wedding Theme Umbrella Accessory

The bride can change her dress in the reception area. A butterfly sleeved chiffon dress with beaded appliqué is definitely a show-stopper. Make sure to do the second number after the traditional wedding reception ceremony of cake cutting and first dance. The chiffon dress is meant to make the bride move a lot easier around the tables for some “Thank you” and “Congratulations” photos. And who cares if she and the groom even get on with an upbeat dance number? It’s their big blue and orange wedding day anyway.


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