Charitable wedding favors
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Charitable wedding favors

With the decline in old-fashioned wedding ceremonies in favor of trendier, more cutting-edge ones, several couples are gradually skimming all those traditions that were once deemed crucial at any wedding. For instance, brides are now open to various other attires instead of the classic white dress, while grooms are discarding the traditional black tux for colored ones. Another trend that is quickly gaining in popularity at most weddings is the charitable wedding favors.

Charitable wedding favor to animal shelter

Therefore, instead of handing guests some chocolate truffles in a box, couples are now donating to various charitable institutions. That is quite a fantastic idea because it allows you- and your guests- to give something back on your special day. The good news is that there are hundreds, if not more, charitable institutions that are willing to help you offer such wedding favors in a polite and tactful manner which is bound to impress your guests.

Wedding chocolate

The sort of charitable wedding favor that you will go for ultimately depends on what causes you and your guests feel strongly about. A good idea would be to contact each guest prior to the wedding and make a list of all the causes they would like to donate to. This is also a tactful way to let your guests that charitable donations will be made instead of the typical favors. Some people might opt for cancer research, while others might choose to go for animal rescues or shelters, but whichever institution you choose to go for, be sure to take their choices into consideration.

charitable donation to cnacer research

Another nice touch would be to contact the institution and arrange for them to print a personalized thank you note for each wedding guest. Alternatively, if you do want to give them something to thank them for attending your wedding, why don’t you hand each guest a chocolate truffle or fudge along with a note from the charity of their choice?

Charitable wedding favour to Diabetes institution

Some couples even like to go all the way and ask each guest to donate to a select charity instead of bringing a wedding present. After all, it would be quite rude to take their gifts and not give one in return. In the end, however, opting for charitable wedding favors is a deeply personal choice and one that should be approached with quite a lot of tact. A big no-no would be to go for charitable favors in larger scale weddings: this is not something that all your guests might appreciate, which is why it’s important to choose this option only among close friends and relatives.

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