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Union of the Icons: World Famous Marriages

Weddings are always grand as they should be because it is the celebration of nothing less than love and life. Some weddings are kept private, some are just like every other marriage but there are some that have created a phenomenon in history that no one could ever forget.


On 29th July 1981, a faithful day that united Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles of Wales is the moment that has etched a monumental union that is remembered even now. Although it did not last because of controversies, the alleged divorce and finally the demise of the beautiful Diana, this wedding will always be committed to memory  as a fairy tale that came to life.


Jacqueline, a fashion icon and John F. Kennedy, president of the United States were married on a lovely day in 1961. The beaming couple is witnessed to be filled with love and devotion for each other. It lasted only for 2 years though because of the assassination of John.


Grace Kelly’s, a legendary actor, marriage to Prince Rainier III created a media stir not because of its royalty alone but because of the spectacular wedding dress and the equally famed veil that each designer have made their rendition of.


The great actress Audrey Hepburn was married to Mel Ferrer  also an actor in 1954.


And who could forget John and Yoko? Well, the marriage ended in the tragic death of The Beatles’ front man John Lennon but no one can ever shrug the interracial union and the affection that this two love birds have taught the world.

Celebrated marriages could not last that long because of too many divergent forces but  we could always say that on that day, there was real love.




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Posted in Celebrity Weddings on Dec 30th,2012