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Celebrity Weddings that have marked 2015

With weddings that are extravagant enough to make heads spin, celebrity weddings have always attracted quite a lot of attraction. Because of the lavish media attention that these weddings always seem to inspire, people very often base their own dresses, tuxes, cake and overall decoration on the wedding of their favorite celeb. While the rich and famous tend to split up very often, there is no denying the glam factor that goes hand in hand with their lavish ceremonies and even more lavish reception.

Indeed, who can forget Kate Middleton’s all-nigh wedding reception which included two wedding dresses? Or Kim Kardashian’s short-lived albeit over the top 72-day wedding to Kris Humphries? The common denominator between these weddings is of course, the glamor and the ability to spend millions of dollars on the ceremonies and receptions. Still, it would be unfair to paint everyone with the same brush. Some celebrities prefer to adopt a more toned-down and classy approach, not unlike Keira Knightley in her short wedding dress with her simple civil wedding. Here are some of the popular celebrity weddings that have marked 2015:


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Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

While several fans were heartbroken when he split with Demi Moore, no one can deny what a perfect match Ashton and Mila are for each other. The two of them had a toned down ceremony and did not even disclose the details until Mila started referring to Ashton as her “husband” in an interview. In fact, according to the popular E! Online magazine, the bride was dressed in a flowing strapless dress and wore her hair pulled back. The couple share a daughter named Wyatt who attended the ceremony in a white dress.


Source image

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

Legions of fans from all over the world were devastated when Brad Pitt ditched his then-wife, Jennifer, for the foxy Angelina Jolie. Jennifer Aniston evoked quite a lot of sympathy from all around the globe when she started attending evens unaccompanied. While she and Brad were once dubbed Hollywood’s golden couple, there she was, all alone and forlorn, while Brad and Angelina started their own family. Which is exactly why several people were excited by the heartwarming news that Jennifer had finally found love again in Justin Theroux. The couple got hitched in a private- and highly secretive- ceremony in Bel Air. Most of the guests thought that they were showing up for a birthday party.


Source image

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed

Both are blessed with near-perfect features. Both played the roles of vampires, albeit in two different movies. So when Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed tied the knot after a short engagement, even the tabloids could not deny what a perfect pair the two of them made. They had an exceptionally romantic wedding where the bride wore a flowing lace dress. When posing for pictures, the groom- dapper in his black tux- even carried her through a muddy path so she wouldn’t ruin her dress.


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Famous and Notorious Vegas weddings

Vegas wedding in the Always and Forever chapel

Las Vegas is undoubtedly well-known for the famous and sometimes, notorious, knots that were tied in its dazzling chapels or hotels. Indeed, long before us lesser-known folks decided to get hitched in Vegas, a string of celebrities paved the way for romantic albeit spur-of the moment weddings. The Always and Forever and the White Wedding chapels are actually reputed as two of the most favoured marriage venues among the rich and famous.

White wedding chapel

So, here’s a list of some of the most popular Vegas celebrity weddings.

Vegas wedding

Elvis Presley and Priscilla Beaulieu

One of the most popular- if not the most popular- Vegas wedding of all time, Elvis Presley and Priscilla Beaulieu’s union enchanted fans from all across the globe. Their wedding was quite a lavish affair for 1967, but the invitation was only limited to close friends and relatives. A makeshift altar was quickly set up in the posh Aladdin Hotel and the intimate ceremony was followed by a more laid-back reception that included no less than 100 guests. Unfortunately, though, in spite of the deeply romantic ceremony, their union couldn’t make it past six years.

Elvis wedding

Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton

This couple has notoriously been acclaimed for their wildly unconventional union at Vegas’ Little Church of the West. Indeed, in May 2000, Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton turned up in Vegas wearing blue jeans and shoddy-looking shirts for their wedding. In a typically gory and somewhat creepy gesture, the newly married couple decided to wear vials of each other’s blood strung in necklaces around their necks. However, in spite of their vampire-simulated love, neither one of them was able to make the marriage work and called it quits after a mere three years. So long, Vegas!

Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob

Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow

In spite of the thirty year gap between their ages, the deep-voiced crooner wedded Mia Farrow in a surprisingly elegant Vegas affair. However, in stark contrast to other celebrity weddings, Frank Sinatra wanted to keep things classy and ditched the drive-through chapels in favour of Jack Entratter’s Vegas home. Several well-known guests were in attendance and this union looked like it was actually going to last. Sadly, though, Frank and Mia separated after bitter fights about her unavailability to star in his movies. Mia was actually served with divorced papers during the shooting of one of her most-acclaimed movies, ‘Rosemary’s Baby.’

Frank  Sinatra and Mia Farrow


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How to have an enchanted wedding a la Kelly Clarkson

When the talented Kelly Clarkson finally unveiled her much-anticipated wedding pictures, the world was stunned by the breathtaking bride and the even more striking backdrop. The couple decided to go for an all-natural setting that wowed fans with a sparkling lake, lush airy grounds and magnificent greenery. In fact, the simple albeit charming backdrop combined with the bride’s equally modest attire brought a rather enchanted feel on the whole day and it’s no wonder that most brides choose to have a similar ceremony for their own special day. So, if you’re one of the lucky ladies who plan on having a celebrity wedding a la Kelly Clarkson, read on to find out how you can easily and efficiently bring the same magic to you big day.

Kelly Clarkson wedding

Simplicity is beauty

While most celebrities normally indulge in lavish, extravagant and sometimes vulgar weddings, Kelly Clarkson decided to keep things sweet and simple. So, forget about the usual Kardashian-like tackiness and overblown celebrations. Instead, keep everything as basic as you possibly can and, most importantly, make the most out of what nature has to offer. If possible, try to hold your wedding outdoors, without any tent or gazebo over your head. Parks, lakesides or even beaches offer idyllic settings for such events.

Kelly Clarkson wedding 2

Couples who are on a limited budget may even have their weddings in their backyards or, failing that, the backyard of a close friend or relatives. Possibilities are endless when you’re working with nature, so be sure to use a lot of imagination and creativity and you’re soon going to find out that you won’t even need to spend an extravagant sum of money.

Nature inspired wedding

A charming attire for the bride

Kelly Clarkson was an absolute vision in white as she glided down the aisle in her straight lace white dress. Indeed, lace, satin and taffeta are the best fabrics to go for if you want to mirror that same charming look. It’s best to go for A-line or Mermaid cut dresses that will emphasize your silhouette while bringing a highly sophisticated look to your overall attire.

Nature inspired wedding 2

As far as her bridal hairstyle went, Kelly Clarkson wore a simple, loose bun with a 20’s like diamante headband that wasn’t showy enough to distract from her dress. If you want to wear your hair down, however, don’t hesitate to top this hairstyle with a gorgeous flower crown or simple tiara. Also, bear in mind that Kelly’s bouquet consisted of nothing more than a simple bunch of purple flowers and sunflowers without any fancy ribbons or bedazzled stems. In fact, every single accessory complemented each other by their exquisite simplicity, hence throwing a radiant and highly appealing aura around the bride.

Wedding bun with simple headband

Small bridal bouquet with purple flowers and sunflowers


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The shortest celebrity weddings

Hollywood is notorious for its grand wedding ceremonies followed by ultra-rapid breakups. Indeed, while there definitely are some celebrity weddings that withstood the test of time, several of them ended up getting married on a whim, on a drunk night out or simply to push themselves into the glare of media attention.
So, read on to discover the shortest celebrity weddings in Hollywood.
Hollywood Sign Begins Month-Long Makeover

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries
The one who trumps them all: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries had an overly-lavish, tackily extravagant affair that started with grand pomp and ceremony. Desperate for her version of a fairytale ceremony, Kim Kardashian went all the way with a poufy wedding dress, headgear and of course, her Prince Charming, Kris Humphries. The only tiny niggle is that no more than seventy-two days into the wedding, Kim suddenly decided that she was no longer in love with her new husband and filed for divorce. The separation took quite a few months and much more media attention before the two of them became single again.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd
Not an unfamiliar figure down the aisle, Jennifer Lopez is quite accustomed to the whole wedding scenario, having been married quite a few times herself. So, it didn’t come as a surprise that the two of them decided to get divorce two hundred and eighteen days after tying the knot. The good news is that, according to rumors, they managed to remain friends after the separation, which, in Hollywood, is always a good sign.

Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock
Another celeb who is quite used to the wedding altar, Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock pledged their undying love to each other on a lavish yacht party following the ceremony. For some reason, fans and media alike thought that it would work this time. Maybe it was the overt displays of torrid affections. Maybe it was the way he so gallantly carried her onboard. But, somewhere along the way, Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock decided they weren’t meant for each other and filed for divorce after three months. The bad news? They still hate each other.

Pamela Anderson

Britney Spears and Jason Alexander
One of the shortest-if not the very shortest- marriages in Hollywood, Britney Spears’ and Jason Alexander’s wedding apparently occurred on a drunk night out. The two of them have been friends since childhood and for some unfathomable reason, they suddenly decided to take things to the next level by going for a Vegas wedding. The bride wore white- a white top that is- and blue jeans to mimic her fiancé’s pants of choice. Sadly enough, they split up after a mere fifty-five hours of domestic bliss.

Britney Spears


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The most coveted celebrity wedding dresses

From Princess Diana’s ultra-famous wedding dress to Anne Hathaway’s pink-tinted frock, celebrity wedding dresses have inspired brides from all over the world. Indeed, bridal and fashion magazines alike are simply brimming with blown-up pictures of celebrity brides which can later be transposed into similar replicas.

Jamie Oliver wedding

At Jamie Oliver’s wedding, for example, all eyes were focused on the bride as she came gliding down the aisle in a strikingly attractive white and grey dress with block patterns. Simple, albeit elegant, Jools Oliver’s wedding frock was shimmery enough to catch and reflect the light with every move. While her dress was unconventionally grey with a hint of silver, she decided to stick to tradition by donning a rather longish, white veil with tiny stones studded all around.

Sarah Jessica  Parker Vera Wang dress

No one can speak of world-famous celebrity dresses without bringing up the gloriously elegant, extravagant Vera Wang frock that Sarah Jessica Parker donned in “Sex and the City, The Movie.” While she might not have worn this dress in real life, it made enough of an impression in the movie for brides all over the world to rush to the closet Vera Wang and procure this jaw-dropping frock. With its white and ivory layers, perfect fairytale princess hem and exquisite veil, Sarah Jessica Parker’s movie wedding dress is bound to flatter just about any body shape.

Kim Kardashian wedding dress on display by Madam Tussauds

Another equally extravagant celebrity bridal attire is Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress. She might be far from being an A-list celebrity, yet, this starlet did somehow manage to select a striking outfit for her wedding day. However, her frothy, billowy tulle skirt would have been better suited on a bride with slimmer features. While the dress was certainly on the sophisticated side, it didn’t do any favors to Kim’s plump body. So, if you’re lucky enough to be tall and slim, then by all means, don’t hesitate to go for a replica of this magical, ball gown-like dress.

Keira knightley short wedding dress

Someone who did manage to select the perfect dress for her body shape was Keira Knightley. By no means conventional, her dress was quite short and billowy with a grey skirt. In fact, the Channel dress was casual enough for Keira to recycle it at an Awards’ Ceremony. This is definitely the type of gown that would suit any contemporary bride who isn’t afraid to break free from tradition in favor and explore new boundaries.

Princess Dianas Other Wedding Dress For Auction

And of course, no one can even think of celebrity wedding dresses without mentioning the most iconic one of them all: made from yards and yards of ivory taffeta, Lady Diana Spencer’s wedding dress had jaws dropping when she got out of the carriage. With its unique twenty-five feet train, this frock remained quite unique in the sense that there’s never been another one quite like it. The billowy sleeves, sweetheart neckline and long, gauzy veil even had the wedding announcer made the famous comment: “Here’s the stuff of which fairytales are made.”

Princess Diana's wedding dress 2


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Royal Unions throughout the ages

29 July 1981. The world holds its breath as Lady Diana Spencer emerges from the carriage, setting her stunning fairy-tale like dress on display. In front of a global audience of no less than 750 million, the young albeit stunning lady clutched to her father’s arm as she regally glided down the aisle and towards her awaiting Prince. A few moments lady, she became officially known as Diana, Princess of Wales.

Princess  Diana's iconic wedding dress on display

Indeed, the much-anticipated 1981 Royal Union caused a media frenzy and sparked a new international interest in celebrity weddings. While Charles and Diana’s marriage was no doubt one of the most sensational and memorable, the hype surrounding celebrity unions historically started with the wedding of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert back in 1840. Wearing a pair of white satin shoes and heavy silk satin frock, the young Queen most certainly ignited the tradition of wearing white for your wedding. Indeed, white being the official color of morning at that time, Royal brides used to wear grey, blue or even black wedding dresses to get married.

Kate Middleton and Prince William celebrity weddingRoyal Wedding 2011

Of course, the hype surrounding Royal weddings only grew stronger with each passing decade. After Princess Diana’s wedding in 1981, the world’s attention was once again focused on the British Monarchy as the feisty, exuberant Sarah Ferguson married Royal Prince Andrew of Wales. However, no crowd could ever compare to the more than three billion of people who tuned in- both on television and online- for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s celebrity wedding in April 2011. Young, fresh and vibrant, the newly-wed couple certainly did opt for a lavish celebration that included two stunning white frocks- one for the wedding and one for the reception- two wedding cakes, countless flowers, sparkling jewels and a wild after-wedding celebration that went well into the night.

One of Prince William's two wedding cakes

Of course, other non-British royal weddings did manage to captivate the hearts of people from all over the world. Who can forget the sweet, captivating aura that surrounded Grace Kelly as she clutched her flowers and strode into the church to become Princess Grace of Monaco? More recently, Princess Hafizah Sururul Bolkiah, daughter of the Sultan of Brunei, wore a sparkling lavender gown as she wed civil servant Pengiran Haji Muhammad Ruzaini in a lavish Arabian palace. And no later than December 2012, Princess Madeleine of Sweden donned a wedding gown by Valentino Haute Couture to marry financier Christopher O’Neil.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden Royal Wedding

Indeed, royal weddings through the ages have managed to captivate hearts from all over the world. But, best of all, they can also serve as inspiration for newly engaged ladies who are planning on strutting down the aisle in the months to come.


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Celebrated Celebrity Weddings at 40

True love can happen after 40. After all, didn’t they say, life begins at 40? Some of these celebs found true love late in life. Or so they thought. Find out who they are:

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher
Asthon was still in grade school when Demi made it big time in the movie Ghost. She was 43 and he was 27 when they got married in 2005, making her the most popular cougar in tinsel town. Demi was engaged to Emilio Esteves and had two previous marriages – song writer Freddy Moore and Bruce Willis. Demi and Ashton got married underneath a chuppah. And her wedding guests included her ex husband Bruce Willis. Demi wore a cream Lanvin gown. In 2012, Ashton filed divorce papers while Demi filed in March 2013.

 Celebrated Celebrity Weddings at 40 Demi Moore

Sandra Bullock
Actress and producer Sandra Bullock was 40 years old when she married 35-year-old professional bodyguard and host of Monster Garage, Jesse James. They got married in a twilight ceremony under a white-circus tent in the Santa Ynez valley wine country of Santa Barbara. Sandra arrived in a red truck and was decked out in an Angel Sanchez white lace wedding gown. The guests thought they were attending a birthday party and were told to come in casual attire. The couple divorced in June 2010 citing discord or conflict of personalities as their grounds.

Celebrated Celebrity Weddings at 40 Sandra Bullock

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban
Nicole Kidman was 40 years old when she married Keith Urban. Nicole cried all the way to the church and during the ceremony. It was an emotional yet beautiful ceremony, Keith cried too when he looked at her. They looked at each other as if they were the only two people in the church – amidst the solemnity and elegance and later on extreme screaming and excitement from the guests. It was an all-candlelight romantic wedding ceremony. Nicole was glowing in a Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga wedding dress. After seven years of marriage, the couple intends to say “I do” to each other one more time as they renew their vows in Australia this June.

Celebrated Celebrity Weddings at 40 Nicole Kidman

Julianne Moore
Julianne Moore exchanged “I do” with director Bart Freundlich when she was 43. The oscar-winning actress is nine years older than her handsome husband. They got married in 2003 and since then they have had one son and one daughter. Her first marriage when she was still in her early 20s to actor John Gould Rubin lasted 10 years. Today, Julianne makes sure she maintains a balance in her work and personal life – making time for her husband and kids.

Celebrated Celebrity Weddings at 40 Julianne Moore


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The Top Expensive Bride

If you don’t have oodles of money to burn then all you need is love to get married. But not when you’re up to your neck with tons of money, you need love plus a whole load of style to get married, with a hefty sense of panache and extravagance.
Now, if you define extravagant as “recklessly wasteful” or “unrestrained” then read on, and find out the top expensive brides.

Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola
The year was 1993 when Mariah Carey tied the knot with Sony Music big boss Tommy Mottola. Mariah walked down the aisle all bedecked in an ivory silk confection by Vera Wang. She wore a diamond-covered tiara. Yup, diamonds, baby! Her wedding gown had a 27-foot train and she had fifty – that’s five, zero flower girls that tended her while the New York’s St. Thomas Church’s boy’s choir sang as she walked the bridal march. Four years later, the couple divorced.

Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola

Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky
Up the famous and fashionable city of New York, Chelsea Clinton marched down the aisle to exchange wedding vows with boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky in a private ceremony. It was in July 10, 2010 when Chelsea finally donned her $15,000 Vera Wang wedding gown with rhinestone sash circling her waist. Celebrities gazed her special event and few of them are Oprah Winfrey and Madeleine Albright. Among the 400 guests is also Barbara Streisand who watched her walking down the aisle with her father. The occasion has an estimated $5 million cost.

The Expensive Bride Chelsea Clinton

Elizabeth Taylor and Larry Fortensky
In 1991, 59-year-old Oscar-winning actress Elizabeth Taylor and 39-year-old construction-worker Larry Fortensky exchanged “I do’s” at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. The eight-time bride wore a pale yellow Valentino gown tagged at $30,000. It was a lavish wedding and People magazine reportedly paid $1million for exclusive coverage of their wedding. Taylor donated the money to AIDS research. The wedding was ill-fated and ended in divorce in 1996.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
Castles are a persistent theme in celebrity weddings. Perhaps it has something to do with fairy-tale romance. In 2006, the couple tied the knot in a private castle in Bracciano, Italy – the Odelscalchi Castle. The said castle rents for $50,000. Katie chose Georgio Armani to design her wedding gown – beaded and decked out with Swarovski crystals and lace. Rumor has it that Kaye spent a whopping $3,000 on her lingerie. Now, that’s extravagant. The couple divorced in 2012.

The Expensive Bride Katie Holmes


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Top Five Extravagant Celebrity Weddings

In the showbiz world especially in Hollywood, wedding celebrations are one of the most celebrated events. The celebrity couples spare no expense as long as they get their dream wedding and get full satisfaction in their celebration of love. The following are one of the top five most extravagant celebrity weddings.

Amit Bhatia and Vanisha Mittal
The most luxurious wedding recorded in the modern history took place at Louis’ Palace of Versailles, Beirut, Lebanon when Amit Bhatia, a rich investor married Vanisha Mittal, daughter of the biggest steel company in the world, in June 22, 2004. 1000 guests from around the world were sent a 20-page elegant invitation, flown on Boeing jets, and stayed in 5-star hotels. The estimated cost of this 6-day wedding event ranges from $60 to $78 million.

Amit and Vanisha Loius' Palace in Versailles Wedding

Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding
The marriage of Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton is the wedding of the century and the most extravagant royal wedding in history. Prince William, son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana and Kate Middleton expressed their “I DO” last April 29, 2011. The overall estimated cost of the wedding was $34 million. The wedding ring costs $11,000.00; wedding cake – $80,000.00; cleaning – $64,000.00; the wedding gown – $434,000.00; the reception – $600,000.00; flowers – $800,000.00; and the most expensive detail of the wedding is the security with an estimated cost of $32 million.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding Cake

David Gest and Liza Minnelli
On March 16, 2002, David Gest, a 49-year-old music promoter, wedded a 56-year-old Hollywood star Liza Minnelli in Marble Collegiate Church in New York with star-studded guests including Michael Douglas, Dianna Ross, Barbara Walters, Elizabeth Taylor as the Maid of Honor and Michael Jackson as the Best Man. The reception of this lavish wedding with estimated guests of 1,000 people was celebrated at the Regent Wall Street Hotel entertained by Tony Bennett and a 60-piece orchestra. The wedding’s estimated cost was $3 to $4 million.

David and Liza's Best Man and Maid of Honor

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills
Paul McCartney, a former Beatle member, tied the knot with Heather Mills in St. Salvador’s Church in Ireland on June 11, 2002. The Indian-theme of the reception was the most outlandish detail of the wedding. The bride wearing an elegant lace gown walked down the aisle with a song composed by McCartney for her bride entitled “Heather”. Special guests include McCartney’s fellow musicians Elton John, Ringo Starr, and Eric Clapton. The reported estimated cost of the wedding was $3 to $3.2 million.

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills Indian Wedding Theme

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman
Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman got married on November 19, 2005 in Napa Valley, California. Christina walked down the aisle wearing a $30,000 Lacroix gown and a diamond rosary worth $10,000.00. The estimated cost of the star-studded wedding was $2 million.

Christina Aguilera Wedding Gown


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Celebrity Marriages that Stood the Test of Fame versus Love

They said that love and fame cannot be together in one place that for the celebrity couples to stand firm as husband and wife is more of a warfare than a fairy tale. Basing on the divorce rate that have occurred since show business have started, we could say that a handful of them succeeded. The following are the thriving unions that are wonderfully around still.


Of course a rock star deserves to have a supermodel as his wife but no one really would have thought the marriage will last for 20 years to this day. It is really astounding how love works with David Bowie and Iman belonging in two different worlds but bound as one.

Celine Dion and husband, Rene Angelil

The marriage of Celine Dion and Rene Angelil is one of those relationships that people raise their eyebrow on but you see, love can never be explained that despite forecasts of divorce, they stayed glued on each other’s arms.

Sting and Trudy Styler Wedding

31 is quite a good number of years of togetherness for this couple. Sting and Trudy Styler have always indicated that one of the most important parts of marriage is sex.  Maybe this is how they made it beyond the constant brush of fame that they are still together up to this instance and going strong.

Famous-Celebrity-Wedding-Marriage-Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea

Dorothea Hurley is always the woman in John Bongiovi’s eyes and it has been going on since they are in high school. Well, everyone wants to have a really sweet lady for a wife and a romantic rock star for a husband.

Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill Marriage

Still going country strong for Faith Hill and Tim McGraw on their 16 years of marriage which they alleged is still here because of respect.

Famous-Celebrity-Wedding-Marriage-Ozzie Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne

Who would not know Sharon’s Ozzy and Ozzy’s Sharon? For 30 years, they are still together because they have moved mountains with their love for each other thinking about what they have gone through.  They still have the hoots for each other regardless of, yes, their age, and the chaos that came to destroy their union. But you see, love works even for Ozzy.


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