Celebrity Marriages that Stood the Test of Fame versus Love
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Celebrity Marriages that Stood the Test of Fame versus Love

They said that love and fame cannot be together in one place that for the celebrity couples to stand firm as husband and wife is more of a warfare than a fairy tale. Basing on the divorce rate that have occurred since show business have started, we could say that a handful of them succeeded. The following are the thriving unions that are wonderfully around still.


Of course a rock star deserves to have a supermodel as his wife but no one really would have thought the marriage will last for 20 years to this day. It is really astounding how love works with David Bowie and Iman belonging in two different worlds but bound as one.

Celine Dion and husband, Rene Angelil

The marriage of Celine Dion and Rene Angelil is one of those relationships that people raise their eyebrow on but you see, love can never be explained that despite forecasts of divorce, they stayed glued on each other’s arms.

Sting and Trudy Styler Wedding

31 is quite a good number of years of togetherness for this couple. Sting and Trudy Styler have always indicated that one of the most important parts of marriage is sex.  Maybe this is how they made it beyond the constant brush of fame that they are still together up to this instance and going strong.

Famous-Celebrity-Wedding-Marriage-Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea

Dorothea Hurley is always the woman in John Bongiovi’s eyes and it has been going on since they are in high school. Well, everyone wants to have a really sweet lady for a wife and a romantic rock star for a husband.

Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill Marriage

Still going country strong for Faith Hill and Tim McGraw on their 16 years of marriage which they alleged is still here because of respect.

Famous-Celebrity-Wedding-Marriage-Ozzie Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne

Who would not know Sharon’s Ozzy and Ozzy’s Sharon? For 30 years, they are still together because they have moved mountains with their love for each other thinking about what they have gone through.  They still have the hoots for each other regardless of, yes, their age, and the chaos that came to destroy their union. But you see, love works even for Ozzy.


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