A brown chocolate theme wedding for Chocoholics
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A brown chocolate theme wedding for Chocoholics

Your wedding day is all about you. So, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t incorporate your personality in the overall ceremony and reception. In fact, chocoholics can very easily bring a brown, chocolate-infused theme to their wedding by making just a few inexpensive adjustments. Don’t worry: there’s no need to break the bank. Just be sure to use as much creativity and imagination as you possibly can!
So, scroll down to learn how to very easily bring a brown, chocolate-like theme to your wedding.

Chocolate Fountain
Wedding Cake versus Chocolate Fountain
When going for a brown wedding theme, most couples usually decide to go for a chocolate cake. While there’s certainly no lack of brown wedding cakes on the market, you can add a more original twist to your special day by skipping the cake in favour of a glorious chocolate fountain. A few delicious dipping options would be marshmallows, sugar crackers, waffles, apple slices or more elegantly, strawberries.

Brown wedding cake
If you can afford it, then by all means never hesitate to go for both a brown wedding cake as well as the chocolate fountain- two elements that are definitely going to impress your friends and relatives. It may sound quite unconventional but if you- and your husband to be- are absolute chocolate fanatics, you may even replace the customary champagne by tall, chilled glasses of chocolatini.

Brown Bridesmaid dresses
Bridesmaids or Wedding Dresses
The easiest way to incorporate a brown chocolate theme to you wedding would obviously be through the bridesmaids or Maid of Honour dresses. Classy and stunningly sophisticated, brown bridesmaid dresses can even be worn again for cocktail or garden parties. If you’re feeling particularly daring, don’t hesitate to go for a chocolate brown wedding dress. Effortlessly elegant, these wedding dresses have the advantage of easily concealing any unruly bulge or wobble which can be quite visible with white and clingy wedding gowns.

Traditional Indian attire for grooms
If you’re hesitant about going for an all-brown wedding frock, why don’t you play up the colours by going for a part white, part brown dress? In fact, daring brides can even select a glittery brown and red wedding dress which is guaranteed to impress your guests. A more toned down look would be to go for an all white wedding dress with a brown dress tail or hem. Obviously, we shouldn’t neglect the groom either: If you want your man to be dressed in something more exciting than a regular brown tux, a particularly exotic touch would be for him to wear a long brown Sherwani, which is the traditional Indian wedding attire for men.

Brown table setting
Table setting and wedding favours
As far as the reception goes, a brown and white theme would look absolutely divine, especially if you go for dark brown furniture and break it up with cream, ecru, white or ivory tablecloths. Throw in a few striped white and brown napkins and you’re ready to wow everybody! Just be sure to avoid going all brown: this will certainly dampen the wow factor and look dull and boring instead of fresh and eye-catching.
It’s also quite easy to go for brown wedding favours: compact mirrors in the shape of cookie cutters, chocolate fudge or chocolate squares or even coffee scented candles are your best options if you wish to provide your guests with a satisfying token to bring home.


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