Bright Lights for Wedding Nights
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Bright Lights for Wedding Nights

Glasses clinking.Warm smiles from family and friends. Good cheers and great company. What could be more perfect than your wedding night? Make your wedding night even more romantic with bright lights tangling down the trees and translucent sheerness of the lights dancing beneath the white hanging curtains.

Curtain of Light

If you’re planning to have a night wedding, then here are surefire ways on how to creatively use lights for breathtaking effects.
Planning to use a ceiling of some sort? Try the almost transparent kind so you’ll have a clear view of the stars on the skies. Have your own version of stars on the sky by attaching light balls on your ceiling. The reflection on the roof would be superb. Hire a violinist to set the right mood.

Lights on Ceiling

If you prefer classic lighting without the help from electricity, then go for white candles in different shapes and sizes. You can place them inside crystal balls and hang them. Scatter the others on the tables, inside glass candleholders. Just make sure that no combustible materials are within reach. Avoid ribbons and laces as combo decorations for candles as these accessories might catch fire.


If you have been doing a lot of Pinterest-ing, then you probably have seen a lot of mason jar DIYs. Collect mason jars, style them and place candles or lights inside them. You can hang them or just place them on top of the tables. You can paint them or even add some glow-in-the-dark solution to give an illusion of galaxy inside the jars.

Mason Jars and Lights

On your wedding day, you’ll definitely feel like it’s Christmas with all those wedding gifts, presence of family and friends, the food and of course, the love of your life swearing to spend the rest of his lifetime with you. So, it’s just okay if you use or even re-use your Christmas lights! Place them inside a weaved string ball, wrap them around tress, hang them everywhere. It’s your wedding day. You call the shots even though you have a party planner.

Christmas Lights
Lastly, you could do a light curtain backdrop for photoshoots. Fashion an illusion of light curtains. Take several Christmas lights and pin one end on a certain spot. Spread the other ends one by one and viola, you have a light curtain already. Make sure though that you hire a professional photographer to have your pictures come out great and not too bright or exposed.


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