A Brief Introduction to Outdoor Themed Weddings
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A Brief Introduction to Outdoor Themed Weddings

Planning to get married under the sky or right beneath the stars? Getting married alfresco in your own backyard or in a romantic garden… or in your favorite park… or maybe beside the sea is something really special and beyond compare. But, it also requires a lot of footwork and a great deal of planning. But you can be assured that it’s all going to be worth it. Once you’ve considered all the necessary details, you’re sure to have a breathtaking outdoor wedding.

Outdoor Wedding Tents

First, think of a theme that you want for your outdoor wedding. Is it a camping theme? Beach theme? Country rustic wedding? Backyard wedding? Is it going to be a casual wedding or a formal wedding?

From there, you can decide on what stuff you need to prepare and how you’re going to deck out the place, what type of wedding invitations you’ll make, the dresses and wedding outfit, the food, the cake and the wedding favors.

Outdoor Wedding Trinkets

Whether you decide to go for a formal or casual wedding, setting up tent is important in an outdoor nuptial. Now, make sure you pick out a tent that will weather all kinds of weather. If it’s hot, make sure you have portable fans and AC units. If it’s chilly, make sure you have propane heaters to keep the guests warm. In case the strong winds come or for unexpected rain shower make sure your tents have wall panels.

Outdoor Wedding at Night

Think about the adding floor surfaces so you and your guests won’t stumble on the jagged ground. And of course, make sure you have a backup plan in a nearby indoor restaurant in case the weather goes gaga.

Outdoor Beach Wedding

Another thing you need to consider are the bugs. Shoo them off and don’t let them bother you on your big day. Make sure you dot the place with citronella candles to keep the bugs away. Two days before the wedding, have the place sprayed by an exterminator.

Think about additional knick-knacks you need to complete the look you desire. Like cute and colorful pillow cushions, pretty curtains, beautiful chandeliers and all kinds of funky mood lights. Think paper lanterns, Christmas lights or tea lights hanging on the tree branches. Anything to make the place a comforting and relaxing sight. You can make the place cozy and intimate by putting four people in a table. Bring in the swanky chairs. Who cares if it’s beside the beach?

Outdoor Wedding Food

Finally, choose the food to go with your outdoor wedding. Do you want barbecue? Clambake fest? Whatever it is, make sure your caterer knows what are needed for the site.


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