A Brief Introduction to Jewish Themed Weddings
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A Brief Introduction to Jewish Themed Weddings

The Jewish wedding couple has to be very cautious when selecting a wedding date. It is prohibited in Jewish tradition to have a wedding ceremony on Shabbat and festivals. Also no Jewish weddings are held during the counting of omer between passover and shavuot. Wedding ceremonies are also prohibited during three weeks between 17th of Tammuz and Tisha B’Av.

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the Jewish couple thus has to keep a strict check on the accurate Jewish calender when deciding their wedding date. One other difficulty when planning a Jewish themed wedding is that according to the Jewish law, wedding ceremonies are prohibited from sundown on Friday night to sundown on Saturday. due to this many couples try to choose a Saturday at sundown so that the wedding ceremony can began with ‘havadalah’.

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If the wedding is to be held on a Saturday the Rabbi will start the ceremony until the sun has set. The bride and groom can start their ceremony with a light cocktail party so that they can enjoy they can entertain their guests until the sun is down and it is time for the wedding ceremony to began. Some Jewish couples also decide to keep the ceremony on Tuesday as this day is considered to be a holy day by the Jews.

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Selecting a Rabbi, who can perform the wedding ceremony, is also an important task and can be a difficult one for some couples as well. Engaged couples who are not formally affiliated with the Jewish community can have difficulty in finding a Rabbi who can lead their wedding ceremony. in such cases the couple’s parents can select a Rabbi from their congregation regardless of whether the couple knows them or not. However if the couple has a particular Rabbi in mind it is essential that they get a date fixed with him as soon as possible.

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In the traditional Jewish wedding ceremony there no double no double ring ceremony instead only the groom gives the bride a ring. This is thought to symbolize ‘kinyan’ (acquisition). The Jewish law also uses a ‘ketubah’ to authorize Jewish weddings. This is just like the marriage licences that the government issues. Ketubah mean writing or written and it is signed by the witnesses and is usually read during the ceremony. Traditionally this document was treated as a pre-martial contract and contained the bride’s rights such as her food, clothing, etc. it also specified what rights the bride should have in case of her husband’s death or divorce.

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In a Jewish weddings kippots are arranged forthe guests. Many couples choose to have their names and wedding dates printed on them. Some couples also have them decorated to match the decoration of their wedding. The Jewish wedding is incomplete without the breaking of the glass at the end of the ceremony. some couples these days also save some pieces of this glass and keep it as a memoir.


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