A Brief Introduction to Gray Themed Weddings
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A Brief Introduction to Gray Themed Weddings

Gray-themed weddings are getting all the rage lately. Blame it on 50 Shades of Grey? But smoky hues and gray shades are newfangled ideas for a beautiful modern wedding. Because gray actually works perfectly great with other colors – think gray and pink, gray and purple or gray and yellow or gray and peach. Or maybe, gray and burgundy. Or gray and classic red perhaps— for the romantic vintage look?

Gray and Pink Wedding Introduction
Gray isn’t such a dull color after all when you create a mishmash of accessories to glam it up. Like funky gray shoes with yellow polka dot heels. Or cool gray chucks for the groom’s men. Your bridesmaids can be outfitted with beautiful charcoal gray cocktail dresses or one shoulder full length dresses with draped skirt and bodice. Use rustic sunflowers to brighten up the bridesmaid’s bouquet. Or splash it with pink roses or white hydrangeas. These colors look great with gray as their backdrop.

Gray Bridesmaid Dresses
A pretty soft color palette of something plus gray will make the wedding gorgeous, romantic, unique and hip and a little quirky. But what will make your gray-themed wedding special is how much of your personality is put in there. You’re the funny side? Come up with gray accessories to go with your funny photo booth. Are you the sweet tooth kind? Make sure your dessert table is bedecked with yummy cake pops or exquisite French macaroons that come in gray and the matching color of your choice. And of course, your cake will look absolutely fabulous when it’s laced with colorful icing and trimmings. Make sure you pick out a delish cake as well. It must taste as good as it looks.

Gray Wedding Giveaways
For your table’s floral centerpieces, go for gray hydrangeas in mason jars. Or lovely orchids in glass vases. Throw in some yellow dahlias or all kinds of green leaves to liven up the space. You can go for a personal and lighthearted touch on your wedding with perhaps a bit of a whimsical feel to it. The same thing goes when you spruce up the ceremony place and the reception area.

Gray Wedding Centerpiece
Finally, there’s a plethora of new gray-themed wedding favors in the market these days – and what’s more? You can actually personalize these stuff. From gray and silver soy candles to personalized lip balms to personalized Hershey’s chocolate bars and nuggets and of course, kisses. Now, that’s one fabulous gray-themed wedding.


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