Brief Ideas on Nautical Wedding Themes
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Brief Ideas on Nautical Wedding Themes

If the love of your life is a man of the sea, then it would be outright justifiable for the both of you to have a nautical wedding. It’ll remind him of your love that can overcome the biggest sea storms in your lives. It’ll remind him that there is a beautiful woman waiting for him when his ship docks off his homeland shores. Here are sure ways on how to pin a nautical wedding.

Nautical Bride and Groom

Have your man wear his pristine white sailor uniform. There’s nothing sexier than a real nautical man wearing those uniforms. You need to have a beach wedding to add a touch of nautical into the wedding per se. As his bride, you need to match the unspoiled whiteness of his suit. Go for an all-white wedding dress.

Nautical Tables, Kids

But before you reach the wedding ceremony made-up altar on the shore, let a fancy beach carriage carry to the spot. It should be dressed in navy blue to enhance the essence of a nautical wedding. Add some marriage sign at the back to announce your nuptial to everybody present in the area. After the ceremonies, the bridal crowd can send you off on this very vehicle too. This would also make a great wedding photo accessory.

Nautical Wedding Vehicle

As for the groomsmen, this is the type of wedding wherein they can show off their natural masculinity. Have them wear Sperry Top-siders to bring out the sophisticated nautical boy charms. They can also wear blue and white suits with thin stripes. The boutonniere could also be styled in a manner that it matches the theme. Incorporate some rope into the flowers to complete the look.

Nautical Wedding Bridesmaid

Your bridesmaids would also look sassy and cute in a dark blue and white striped dress — nothing more nautical than this. You can also create DIY necklaces with anchor signs on it. Utilize the flower bouquets to pop out some color into the bridesmaid look. Striped nautical shoes can also add a flair to the ensemble. However, if you wouldn’t want to pair a striped top with striped shoes, then wear bright yellow monochrome pumps.

Nautical Shoes, BoutonierreYou could add yellow into your nautical motif just to break out the monotony and the stripes. Sunflowers make a smart choice for a nautical wedding since they are bright and attention grabbing. Make them into boutonnieres or headdresses for the little girls.


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