Bottle Stoppers: Memorable Wedding Favors
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Bottle Stoppers: Memorable Wedding Favors

Whenever there are bottles of wines and champagnes in the vicinity, there is surely something to be grateful for. The sight of these party elements only represent happiness, gratitude, celebration and good company. Let your wedding be remembered by your guests every time they have their own celebrations by giving away bottle stoppers as memorabilia to your valued guests.Basing on the theme of your wedding, you can choose from many existing bottle stopper designs or you could create yours. Here are some inspiration to get your brain thinking.

Seaside bottle stoppers
Seaside Bottle Stoppers
Are you having a summer wedding by the beach or by the bay? Is your groom a seaman? Then seaside bottle stoppers are perfect for you. You can have a sand along with tiny shells enclosed within a circular crystal on top of the stoppers. You can also opt to place starfish-, seahorse- or shell- shaped ornaments on top.

Winter Bottle Stoppers
Winter Bottle Stoppers
Get all warmed up with light alcohol during winter weddings. Give away bottle stoppers with winter trinkets placed on top. The top designs may vary from icicles, snowflakes or even a snowflake caught up in a crystal droplet. You can either request for a crystal material for it or you could just add some studs in it to add a wintrier feel.

Vineyard Bottle Stoppers
Vineyard Wedding Bottle Stoppers
Got married in a vineyard? Then it’s just fitting that you give away bottle stoppers as favors. You could even let guests bring home a bottle of wine along with it. For the bottle stoppers, you could have grape figures on top. You could also give cork-like stoppers with your names and date engraved on them.

Bottle Stoppers with Pictures
Personalized Bottle Stoppers
Personalized bottle stoppers can double as thank you tokens when you place your and your partner’s picture on one side and thank you note on the other side of the top décor. If you’re feeling a little extra craftier, then you could post different quotes and sayings or interesting facts about the two of you.

Mr and Mrs Bottle Stoppers
Mr. and Mrs. Bottle Stoppers
A totally adorable pair of bottle stoppers features a mister and a misis. The figures could even be in wedding suits. You could also make use of words – “Mr.” on one stopper and “Mrs.” on the other.


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