Blue Wedding Bouquet Flowers
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Blue Wedding Bouquet Flowers

Blue, being the color of the ocean and the sky, signifies tranquillity, inspiration, sincerity and spirituality. The Ancient Egyptians even believe that lapis lazuli, a deep blue semi-precious stone represents heaven.
Have the same feeling of calmness on your wedding day by having blue-colored flowers on your bridal bouquet. The blue flowers would be perfect as you carry them against your pristine white bridal gown. There are lots of blue flowers to choose from. To get you started, here are a few.


Blue tulips are rare. To get them, you either have to produce a hybrid between violet and lilac tulips or you could die white tulips yourself to achieve the very shade of blue that you want. The effort is worth it though in making one as blue tulips are said to give a message of perfect love. You could even use them with white roses for a unspoiled touch.


Delphiniums are cone- and column-shaped small perennial flowers, gracefully spiking out a main stem as if they were arranged from the darkest flowers to the lightest ones. To arrange a Delphinium bouquet, you first have to pick if you want an elegant spiking organic bunch or a bundled, uniform one. Either way would still look lovely.


Hydrangeas are native flowering plants which grow in panicles or in corymbs at the ends of the stems. There are four major species of this plant, but the most adorable one to use is the arborescens since they would make enchanting mophead flowers or pom-pom-likes bridal bouquets. You could arrange them in a ball and attach a lace to its body and viola, you now have a pom-pom bridal bouquet.


If you want to achieve a sophisticated bridal bouquet, then better use blue orchids for it. Yes, orchids are terribly hard to maintain and pretty expensive, but hey it’s your wedding day, there’s nothing too beautiful for it. Blue orchids are best used on cascade and long bridal bouquets. You can use them in combination with pink and violet blooms. If you’re feeling fancy, you can add peacock feathers as the latter’s blue center will complement the blue orchids.


There are a lot of blue flowers and accent blooms that you can use in your bridal bouquet such as muscari, anemones, nigella and viburnum berries. Experiment and have fun. You just have to match your bridal bouquet with your wedding them, bridal dress and wedding motif.


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